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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "Nicholson Electroplating" (2 of 5)

Check out part 3 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Nicholson Electroplating" with this online demo.


Fred: I'm Fred Nicholson.

Detective Phelps: This is your place?

Fred: What's left of it. 32 years of work up in smoke.

Detective Phelps: Can you tell us what happened?

Fred: Our Chief Chemist, Harold McLellan, was using this area to test a new process.

Detective Phelps: And what exactly is this new process?

Fred: That's classified information, son.

Detective Phelps: A lot of people died here Mr. Nicholson. I'm prepared to go to the press and tell them it was your fault. What is the new process?

Fred: A way to chemically polish aluminum. It's traditionally done by hand. It's extremely labor intensive. The process could be worth millions.

Detective Phelps: Who is Tomoko Okamoto?

Fred: Dr. McLellan's personal assistant. She came highly recommended.

Detective Phelps: Okamoto was involved in industrial espionage. Was she working for you or a for a foreign government?

Fred: That's a ridiculous assertion. How can you possibly say she was a spy?

Detective Phelps: How many of your other employees carry spy cameras in their handbags?

Fred: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. She was selling me out.

Detective Phelps: If she wasn't a foreign spy, who could she have been working for?

Fred: Could be other plating companies, but the big customers for the process are the aircraft manufacturers. Lockheed, Boeing, Hughes, North American.

Detective Phelps: What can you tell us about McLellan?

Fred: A brilliant chemist. He approached me a few months ago with the idea for the new process.

Detective Phelps: So no one has ever done this before?

Fred: No, but it is legitimate research.

Detective Phelps: So you thought McLellan could do what no one else could do? You were prepared to take that risk?

Fred: Look he is... was a trained chemist and his ideas could revolutionize electroplating.

Detective Phelps: And you would be rich?

Fred: I'm a business man. What's wrong with turning a buck?

Detective Phelps: You blew up six blocks and God knows how many people are dead.

Fred: I regret that.

Detective Biggs: That's laudable.

Detective Phelps: We'll be in touch Mr. Nicolson. Can you send us Dr. McLellan and Miss Okamoto's personnel files?

Fred: I will if I can find them.

Detective Phelps: By the way, we also found the collar of a shirt. It has a laundry tag?

Fred: Likely to be Dr. McLellan. The majority of people that worked here don't use a laundry service.

Detective Phelps: You know the way. You can drive.

Detective Biggs: And where exactly are we going? You think McLellan went up in smoke? Or is he still alive?

Detective Phelps: You could ask the same question about Tomoko Okamoto.

Detective Biggs: I guess you could. You got an answer?

Detective Phelps: Not yet, but I'm working on it.

Operator, give me dispatch.

Operator: Putting you through now.

Detective Phelps: Detective Phelps, badge 1247.

Dispatch: How can I help, Detective?

Detective Phelps: Can you speak to someone at the Army Air Force base for me, please?

Dispatch: Of course, Detective.

Detective Phelps: Tell them I have what I believe is an aircraft part. It's polished metal, light for its size. It looks like a cone of some sort. It's stamped on the inside "P and W Wasp Major R-4360."

Dispatch: I'll get back to you detective, when you check in for messages. Anything else?

Detective Phelps: I need an address for Superior Laundry Services.

Dispatch: Closest store to your location is in Wilshire, 4766 Melrose Avenue.

Detective Phelps: Thanks for your help.

Detective Biggs: Somebody turned the place over. We'd better watch our step.
Do you think I could fit in there? I couldn't fit in there.

Detective Phelps: I'd like to think you would have had something more to say about getting shoved in a fridge, Herschel. One to the head, one to the heart. Point blank. Could be a class ring? Longines Lindbergh. Very expensive watch favored by flyboys. I always wanted one as a kid.

Detective Biggs: That's funny. As a kid all I wanted was some food on the table.

Detective Phelps: Looks like we have a match.

Detective Biggs: Interesting dame, this Okamoto. What is it exactly?

Detective Phelps: Microfilm. A document shrunk to the size of your thumb nail.

Detective Biggs: Broad must have amazing eyesight.

Detective Phelps: You know what this is, Biggs?

Detective Biggs: Sure, the department gives you one of those when you retire.
Biggs, badge 525. I'll need a couple of black and whites at 133 North Vermont Ave, Wilshire. We'll need an ambulance and the coroner. And probably a team from Technical Services as well.

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