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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "Nicholson Electroplating" (4 of 5)

Check out part 5 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Nicholson Electroplating" with this online demo.


Detective Phelps: Great. Latitude 24 degrees, 15 minutes north. Longitude 76 degrees, zero minutes west. 76 degrees west. 24 degrees, 15 minutes north. 76 degrees west. 24 degrees, 15 minutes north. 76 degrees west. 24 degrees, 15 minutes north. 76 degrees west. 24 degrees, 15 minutes north. Let's see where this is exactly. The Bahamas. Somebody's already got their maiden flight planned.

McLellan's process was going to replace all this.

Man 1: Get a load of these engines. You think that cone could've come off one of them?

Detective Phelps: Is that a Pratt & Whitney 4360?

Man 2: Sure is. You know your motors.

Detective Phelps: Do you mind if I take a look a the prop spinner?

Man 2: We're getting her ready for sea trials, so be quick about it.

Detective Phelps: What is the oily covering on the metal?

Man 2: We coat the aluminum parts in linseed oil to preserve them from oxidization.

Galloway: Looks likes Mapes office is in the far corner. Let's go see what he's hiding.

Detective Phelps: Seems irrelevant.

Galloway: That is Marie "The Body" McDonald.

Detective Phelps: Does Hughes have her on contract to RKO?

Galloway: Yeah, I bet he does.

Let's see what Pinker has for us. He's probably done tinkering with that camera by now.

Detective Phelps: Thanks for the tour, Mapes.

Mapes: Always happy to help the Department. Hey, don't I know your face from the papers? You're the cop that's stripping that German broad!

Galloway: Nah, I think you got the wrong guy, Vernon.

Radio: You are listening to an American Century Broadcasting Station, KTI Los Angeles. It's green time! Ladies and gentlemen, the makers of Green shampoo are pleased to present the best in a series of new programs.

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