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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "Slip of the Tongue" (3 of 5)

Check out part 4 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Slip of the Tongue" with this online demo.


Bekowsky: Empty. Should have know that Archer broad would have given us a false address. We should go to the station, see what this Belasco guy has to say.

Leitvol: And what can I do for you, gentlemen?

Phelps: I'm a Traffic detective from Central Division. Who's in charge here?

Leitvol: I am, Gordon Leitvol. What's this about?

Phelps: We understand that your company prints California vehicle titles?

Leitvol: Yes. I have the government contract to print pink slips. Have done for some years.

Phelps: Have you had any good or equipment stolen recently? We're running up against stolen cars with seemingly legitimate paperwork.

Leitvol: Not recently. Have you ruled out forgery? There's no shortage of talented artists in this town.

Phelps: We'll keep it in mind. You're behind the wheel.

Bekowsky: Do we know where we're going?

Fleischer: Detectives, Belasco is prepped and ready in Two. Another stolen car with legit papers.

Phelps: Thanks.

Belasco: You crummy bastard!

Phelps: James Belasco?

Belasco: I want a lawyer. It's my car and I got the proof right here. Take a look for yourself.

Phelps: The paper is real enough, Belasco, but the car isn't yours. This pink slip is a forgery. Where were you taking the car, James?

Belasco: Blow it off, greenhorn. You'll get nothing from me.

Phelps: You're a two time loser. If you don't give me something, I'm going to ask the DA for the maximum. You're looking at 10 years, Belasco. Kiss your youth goodbye.

Belasco: I want a deal.

Bekowsky: Keep talking and we'll see what sort of deal you're worth.

Belasco: My job is to drive the cars out of state, Nevada, Arizona, sometimes New Mexico. With the paperwork they provide, it's normally a breeze.

Phelps: Does the name Jean Archer mean anything to you?

Belasco: No, never heard of her.

Phelps: You're a liar, James.

Belasco: Say that again. I'm telling the truth. I don't know the broad.

Phelps: So that's why you both have the same address printed on your pink slips? She's a mule for these stolen vehicles, genius. Same as you.

Belasco: Jesus. All right, I know her. Stupidest broad I ever met. Always cooking up crazy schemes. I don't know why those guys use her. You happy now?

Phelps: What happens to the cars once they cross over the state lines?

Belasco: I don't know. I just deliver them.

Phelps: Give me something, Belasco, or I'll take you back to the cells and tell the whole station you're a child molester. How long do you think you'll last?

Belasco: Okay, okay. I hear you. The cars get sold in Chicago or back East. Sometimes I bring back cars coming the other way.

Phelps: Where do you pick up the cars, Belasco?

Belasco: Warehouses. Mainly in East Downtown.

Phelps: An address, Belasco. You want my help with the DA? Cough it up. Now.

Belasco: A place on Industrial Street. I don't know the number. You're going to help me out, right?

Bekowsky: Keep talking, kid, and we'll see what we can do.

Phelps: All right, James. We're going to check if this information is worth anything.

Belasco: And if it is? I need your help here, pal.

Phelps: If it is, then we'll know you're a man of your word. And so will the DA.

Pinker: You're Phelps, right?

Phelps: Yes, I am. Look, can we do this later? I'm in the middle of an...

Pinker: Ray Pinker. I'm with Technical Services. The pink slips are all real.

Phelps: Yes, we know that.

Pinker: There is only one company that prints them in California. The Marquee Printing Company. They've confirmed that the numbers are legitimate.

Phelps: You're checked them out?

Pinker: Sure. They're on Aliso Street, near the corner of San Pedro. The guy I spoke to was Leitvol, Gordon Leitvol. Here, I wrote it down.

Phelps: Thanks, Ray. This is a great lead. We'll get down there as soon as we can.

Fleischer: Phelps! Your GTA suspect, Jean Archer, spotted by a patrolman. Western Union Office, 254 South Hill. Less than a minute away down the street, if you run. Go! She won't hang around.

Phelps: Come on, we don't want to lose her.

Bekowsky: Take it easy!

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