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L.A. Noire Walkthrough: "Slip of the Tongue" (4 of 5)

Check out part 5 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Slip of the Tongue" with this online demo.


Cole: LAPD. We'll take it from here.

Jean: Goddamnit, everyone's against me. Look, just let me get my money and get out of here, okay? You look sweet. How about giving a girl a break? I could be very nice.

Cole: I'm afraid I can't do that, Miss Archer. Stefan, call for a black and white.

Jean: Just my luck to get the only hair shirt cop in the LAPD.

Cole: The car you sold to Coombs was stolen, Miss Archer. There won't be any money.

Jean: I handed over all the right paperwork when I sold it, buster.

Cole: Jean, you've blown open the whole operation because you were dumb enough to try to sell one of the cars. What do you think they're going to do to you? Give me something.

Jean: I was just doing what they do. They pay me 50 bucks to drive the car. I made two grand selling it.

Cole: You made zero, and if they catch you you're dead. Is that all your life's worth?

Jean: Look, a girl needs things. I don't see you looking out for me.

Cole: How long have you and Belasco been delivering cars?

Jean: Who is James Belasco?

Cole: You're lying. James Belasco? I don't remember mentioning his first name, Miss Archer.

Jean: Oh. I . . . I think you did, didn't you? I'm sure of it. Anyway, I don't know . . . him.

Cole: You aren't sharp enough to lie to me, Jean. You and James Belasco share the same address on your pink slips. We have him in a cell.

Jean: Okay, so I know the creep. The pink slips are real. The home addresses are always vacant lots. Bigelow is always boasting that the paperwork is legit and that if we stick to our stories . . .

Stefan: And don't try and sell the car?

Jean: Yeah, that too.

Cole: Tell me where you picked up the car, Miss Archer.

Jean: Look . . . I can't remember! Let me go, will you? Please? What have I got to do?

Cole: You're trying my patience here, Jean. I'll have the reporters down here and have your picture in all the papers. You'll have nowhere to run.

Jean: Alright already. I get the message. I pick up the cars from a guy named Bigelow, 58 Industrial Street. Big warehouse full of goons. Now you've got what you want, can I go? Please?

Stefan: Oh, you sure can. We've got a car waiting outside for you.

Cole: Some career advice, Jean . . . get out of crime. Marry someone boring who has money and will find you captivating.

Jean: Is this guy for real?

Stefan: He takes a little getting used to. But yeah, he generally means what he says.

Cole: You know the way. You can drive.

Stefan: And where exactly are we going?

Friendly girl.

Cole: Used to getting her own way.

Stefan: Little did she know her feminine charms were useless against the impenetrable Cole Phelps.

Cole: She's not my type.

Stefan: And what is your type, Phelps?

Cole: I'm married.

Stefan: I know that. But you're not blind or dead inside, are you? Wait, scrap that second half of the question.

Cole: I don't know. Blondes, I guess.

Stefan: Hallelujah, the man is human after all. Now we're getting somewhere. Yep, I'm with you on the blondes. Brunettes are fine, too. And there's nothing wrong with a good redhead. But I draw the line at gray. You know what, I might have to lift that embargo soon in the interests of maintaining a free market.

Cole: A man with high standards.

Stefan: My standards are only as high as the last glass of whiskey.

Cole: We have some questions for you, Mr. Leitvol. Mr. Leitvol, we're currently working two auto theft cases. Do you know anything about a car theft ring?

Leitvol: Certainly not! Why would I get mixed up in a thing like that?

Cole: We have suspects with legitimate pink slips that were printed here, Leitvol. You better give me something before I bring the whole department down here.

Leitvol: Don't be hysterical, Detective. As a matter of fact, we had a similar problem a couple of years ago. A number of used car lots were selling blank documents to a criminal organization.

Cole: Do the names Cliff Harrison and James Belasco mean anything to you?

Leitvol: No, they do not.

Cole: Harrison bought his car from Coombs. The pink slip looks good and that points the finger here. Do you have any employee trouble?

Leitvol: No, I don't. They've all been carefully screened. Look, now that I think about it, the name Coombs sounds familiar. I think they may have been involved in stolen documents in the past.

Cole: Do you have a delivery ledger, Mr. Leitvol? We would like to cross-check against the Coombs Automotive Emporium.

Leitvol: It's a little out of the ordinary, Detective. I'm not sure I can share those sorts of records.

Cole: Hand it over, Leitvol. You don't want us having bad thoughts about you, do you?

Leitvol: Very well. But this really is irregular. Over here.

Cole: Look for patterns, recurring names, unusual addresses. Anything out of the ordinary. You certainly encourage repeat business, Leitvol. This Mr. Bigelow is a good customer. Sorry to bother you, sir. We'll let you know if there are any developments.

You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Stefan: All right. Where to?

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