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L.A. Noire DLC Walkthrough - Reefer Madness (4 of 5)

Check out part 5 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat "Reefer Madness" with this online demo.


Cole: Freddie said they were moving 50 pounds a week. That's a lot of soup cans.

Man 1: I think this is an interstate operation, moving dope around the country to selected grass hoppers. Local weed gets distributed in the usual way, through Petruco [SP] street punks.

Cole: Someone must know something about this drug baron character.

Man 1: Here they come. Let them unload the goods first.

Cole: Now?

Man 1: Let's get them. Alright, move! Move! Let's go! Everyone into pos-

Cole: Got your back! LAPD! Put your hands were we can see them! Re-enforcements are on the way!

Man 1: Get in there! Throw out the guns! All clear? I think that's the last of them Cole.

Man 2: Detectives. Found something here you probably want to see.

Cole: Tijuana address. We should see what the federales have on him. One dollar per dead man. It doesn't seem like much for a human life.

Man 1: God damn! I think we found our stash Cole. Take a look in these boxes.

Cole: At the very minimum another 50 pounds.

Man 2: Detectives, I think we got the guy! Does the name Cruz mean something to you?

Cole: It certainly does. There's like $1000 here. Yet another silver dollar.

Man 3: Phelps. Earl. Looks like quite a bloodbath. What was this all about?

Cole: Drugs and money, what else? Speaking of money, where did that roll go?

Man 1: I picked it up for safe keeping. The department owes me 50.

Cole: Right. Right. I have another two coins for you.

Man 4: Great. I've got something to show you. It's all set up on the table over here. There. Take a look at these coins you've been collecting.

Cole: There are letters cut into each coin along with "not legal tender."

Man 4: Those are Morgan Silver Dollars from the '20s. They were removed from circulation and sent for disposal. A number of smelters around the country had the contract. Look at them together. Can you work out what it says?

Cole: The first coin: M-A-S. The second: A-N-G. The third: K-A-Y. The fourth: M-E-T. The fifth: A-L-S. Masang Kay Metals.

Man 4: A Metal foundry. Would you like the address?

Cole: Would I ever?

Man 4: 1034 Vines St. Hollywood. We'll finish up here. It's already been a long night, Phelps. See if you can talk them into giving themselves up.

Cole: You're behind the wheel.

Man 1: Fine. Where are we headed?

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