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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Street Crimes 24: "Killer Bandits"

Check out part 25 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat the street crime side missions.


Phelps: You saw what happened.

Man 2: I warned him about that cannon under the counter. He took a shot at a couple of stickup men. He missed. They didn't.

Phelps: Where are they now?

Man 2: They ran across the street and into the parking lot, that's where I lost sight of them.

Wilt: We gotta turn ourselves in.

Man 4: Use your head, Wilt. The cops ain't exactly going to be grateful and there's our records to think about. Shut up. I think I hear something coming.

Phelps: Hands behind your head!

Man 5: Blast these fools, Phelps. He's in the truck.

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