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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Street Crimes 25: "Bowling Lane Robbery"

Check out part 26 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat the street crime side missions.


Man 1: Hit the sidewalk, all of you. This place is closed for business, you hear? Oh shit! We got cops! Benny, get your nose out of . . .

Phelps: LAPD! You've got nowhere to go. Throw out the guns.

Man 1: Let's see if I can't put one right between your eyes.

Man 2: Jake! Mikey! Oh Jesus. Fuck the money, I'm gone!

Man 1: God damn it get out of here, Cole!

Phelps: It's not too late to give yourself up.

Man 1: Now are we going to make a bargain or what?

Phelps: Put the weapon down now.

Man 4: Holy Toledo!

Phelps: 11K calling KGPL. We're code four on the 211 at Rawlings Bowling Alley.

Radio: All units, Code Four at Rawlings Bowling alley at the intersection of Ninth and Graham. Code Four.

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