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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Street Crimes 32: "The Badger Game"

Check out part 33 of this L.A. Noire walkthrough and beat the street crime side missions.


Man: You've got to help me, Officer! Please!

Phelps: Slow down. What happened?

Man: I was just walking along, not bothering anybody, and these punks jumped me! They knocked me across my mouth and took my money!

Phelps: How long ago was this?

Man: Not more than 20 minutes ago, mister. They went that way, down the alley there.

Phelps: Wait here.

Man: Fleeced you, sucker!

Galloway: That son of a bitch is taking the car!

Phelps: Shit! Come on. Let's get after him.

Galloway: Wake up, Cole. Hit him. Clear this asshole off the road. Get in close and steer him off the tar.

Female: Watch it buster!

Phelps: Now, wasn't that a stupid thing to do?

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