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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Intro

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat the intro level with this online demo.


Eddie: Jesus Christ! Are you outta your fucking mind?

Dempsey: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Eddie: Would you get on the right fucking side of the road?

Dempsey: I'm trying!

Kim: Right!

Jess: Oh my God!

Dempsey: Out of the way! Out of the way!! LAPD! Police! Out of the way!

Eddie: Behind!

Dempsey: They're everywhere.

Kim: Shit! Do you ever practice with that piece?


Jess: Who are they?

Kim: Get your head down! You're not listening to me girl! There! Over there!

Dempsey: Hang on!

Eddie: Jesus Christ. You're gonna kill us before they do motherfucker!

Dempsey: You're still breathing, aren't you?

Kim: They're back. Look! Somebody's guiding them right to us.

Ben: We have to get the fuck off this freeway!

Dempsey: Where the hell's our back up?

Ben: Who the fuck knows...

Dempsey: They're everywhere.

Kim: How do they know about us?

Eddie: Someone fucking talked. Someone inside!

Dempsey: Who?

Eddie: If we weren't watching your back, you would be motherfucking dead!

Kim: Ahead!

Jess: Oh my God!

Eddie: Watch out!

Jess: AAAAHH!!

Dempsey: HOLY FUCK!

Deputy: Certain elements in Washington are pushing for a military intervention into Mexico and much of the public is behind them on this. But the Mexican government claims that such an action would be tantamount to a declaration of war. So the President is between a rock and a hard place here. He doesn't want a war with Mexico, but then again seven Federal agents are dead and that simply can't stand.

Kim: That's why this should be an FBI investigation. The DEA has compromised itself enough already.

Eddie: FBI? We've been investigating the Mendoza cartel for over a year now.

Kim: Oh, yeah, that's worked out well.

Deputy: Enough! This inter-agency bullshit has got to stop. That's why I brought in Assistant Deputy Director Shane Dickson. She created this task force and she'll be running it. Ms. Dickson?

Dickson: Agent Stone was investigating the sale of military weaponry to the Mendoza Cartel in Juarez.

Eddie: Why the hell wouldn't you tell us that?

Deputy: Water under the bridge, Agent Guerra.

Dickson: The Mendoza's are a new player in Juarez. Not much is known about their leader, Juan Mendoza, but the scope of the operation is growing exponentially. Drugs, guns, gambling, prostitution. We've never seen a new cartel grab power so quickly.

Deputy: Which is why we think they may have infiltrated one or more of our federal law enforcement agencies. That bombing was no accident. They knew exactly where and when to strike.

Dickson: And that's why neither the DEA nor the FBI are running this operation. We have a totally autonomous team.

Deputy: Ms. Dickson, I have another meeting to get to. From this moment on, it's all up to you. Don't fuck it up.

Dickson: Let me introduce everyone. Special Agent Eddie Guerra. Joined the DEA soon after completing his tour of duty in Operation Desert Storm. He holds the record for the single largest drug seizure in Southern California history. He's also the only DEA agent involved in the investigation who managed to survive the bombing. FBI Special Agent Kimberly Evans. The youngest agent ever to win the FBI Medal for Meritorious Achievement. She single-handedly apprehended a serial killer who had murdered thirty-two women and in the process, saved the life of his last victim. I brought her into the taskforce because of her ties to Los Angeles criminal gangs connected to the cartel.

Eddie: So you're in charge overall, but who's in charge on the street?

Dickson: Detective Benjamin McCall. He's with LAPD's Robbery-Homicide division. A thirty year veteran, he is a two time winner of the medal of valor.

Kim: A homicide detective? With all due respect, Ma'am, isn't this a little out of his jurisdiction?

Dickson: Not at all. Stone's daughter, Jessica, contacted Detective McCall the day after the bombing and told him her father had been threatened just the day before. Which means we actually have a suspect and a witness. The suspect is Antonio Alvarez.

Kim: Why'd she take that to the LAPD? Why not come to us?

Eddie: That's why.

Dickson: That's right, Agent Guerra. They all served together in Vietnam. McCall knows them both.

Eddie: So two became cops and one became a crook?

Ben: Worse than that... he's an asshole.

Dickson: Agent Evans, Agent Guerra, I'd like you to meet Detective McCall. You'll have whatever you need as far as resources, but in terms of manpower, you're on your own. No back up from Federal Agencies. We don't know who we can trust, so you'll only report to me. You're going to hit the Mendoza cartel as hard as humanly possible. Find and arrest those responsible for that bombing. And protect the witness, because without her we don't have anything.

Eddie: What if we find out that the cartel has someone inside the FBI?

Kim: Or the DEA?

Dickson: Then the hardliners will have a reason to send the military into Mexico. Let's pray that's not the case. Because if that happens, a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt.

Ben: We need to let the public know that any foreign asshat who comes after us in our own country will get lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree.

If the tip pays off, you'll get the rest.

Suzy: I wouldn't lie to you, Ben.

Ben: Of course not.

Suzy: You know how I feel about you, right?

Jess: Detective McCall?

Suzy: Catch you later, Ben.

Ben: You bet. What can I do for you sweetie?

Jess: My name's Jessica Stone. You knew my father. He died in that DEA bombing. He left a letter with his lawyer. It said if something happened to him, I should find you. That I could trust you.

Is this funny to you?

Ben: Look, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do for you.

Jess: But... You were his friend, right?

Ben: Right. A long, long time ago.

Jess: It's just that someone came to our house the day before he died and threatened him.

Ben: You should be telling this to the DEA, okay. This is way above my pay grade.

Jess: They said his name was Tony.

Ben: Who did?

Jess: The guy who threatened my father. I'm afraid, okay? The way he looked at me...

Policeman: You know you can't smoke in here McCall!

Ben: Let's go out to my car.

Jess: But, can't we just...

Ben: Now.

Stan? It's McCall. Listen, I need to get in touch with somebody in charge at the A.G.O. Yeah, I think I have a witness in the bombing case.

Kim: Now. GO!

Policeman: Don't move! DEA! On the ground! DEA! Spread them! Don't move! Against the wall!

Kim: FBI!

Policeman: FBI? This is a DEA investigation.

Kim: Sorry boys. I have a Federal Warrant for Deon Evans.

Policeman: A Federal Warrant signed by who?

Kim: Someone who has a lot more juice than you.

Policeman: This is bullshit.

Kim: It is what it is.

Do you want to end up like our brothers?

Deon: Fuck. Everybody ends up dead eventually.

Kim: Yeah, but not at eighteen.

Dean: So how come you never go visit their graves?

Kim: Because it's too late for them. But you still have a chance. You get popped with this kind of weight, you're going down for a dime. And not to juvy, but fucking Folsom.

Pull over.

This is your chance to start over, baby bro. Get out of the life for good.

Dean: You wanna work for the powers that be, that's up to you Kimmy. In the end, they just gonna fuck you over. You know that as well as me.

Kim: All right. Now get out of here. Go. GO!

Dean: Hell no... You let me go now and everybody's gonna think I'm a snitch.

Kim: Not if you tell 'em it was your sister who picked your ass up. I should have just locked him up. He's gonna get himself killed.

Watters: We're going to need him, Agent Evans. Can't have him sitting in a prison.

Kim: I know.

Davis: I'll ask again, Agent Stone. Is the FBI running an undercover operation against the Mendoza cartel?

Stone: I'm not authorized to talk about any on-going investigations.

Davis: So there is an investigation?

Stone: I'm not authorized.

Davis: Are you purposely trying to piss me off? Guerra, tell him what our agent in Juarez overheard.

Eddie: A conversation between an FBI handler and a confidential informant working for the cartel.

Stone: Look, I don't know what your man thought he was listening to, but I can assure you he was mistaken.

Davis: Two days later, the Federales found our agent dead. Three bullets in the back of the head. All his notes and recordings... gone. So now our entire investigation is back to square fucking one. I don't care if you're authorized or not. I want some fucking answers.

Eddie: I gotta take this boss.

Davis: Now?

Eddie: Yes, sorry it's important.

Davis: Take it outside.

A DEA agent is dead and I think you know why.

Stone: That's bullshit. No way in hell is the FBI responsible for that agent's death.

Davis: Well then who is?

Eddie: Are you fucking loco? I told you not to call me at this number, eh. Now?

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