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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (1 of 5)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Jess: I want to say goodbye to him. Please.

Eddie: We can't take the risk, mihijo. It is too dangerous.

Kim: What do you remember from your father's conversation with Alvarez?

Jess: They were arguing. He was yelling about some $50 million dollar deal. Soon as they saw me, they went silent. And then Alvarez started threatening him.

Kim: Was he intimidating or bribing him?

Eddie: Either or. Gold or lead. Oro o la chinquada.

Ben: What case was Stone working on exactly?

Kim: The cartel is buying military-grade weaponry. Grenade launchers, anti-tank rockets, night-vision goggles. Stone was trying to find their supplier.

Ben: For 50 mil, they can buy a fucking Abrams Tank. Alvarez is probably the middle man. So you have no idea who the supplier is?

Kim: No.

Ben: Then the deal's probably already done, darling.

Eddie: Maybe not. Araña recently flooded the city with a shitload of new product.

Kim: Araña? They moving out of East L.A.?

Eddie: Up and out, chica. They distribute for the cartel. Maybe Mendoza is trying to make a little extra cash for that big weapons buy. I hear they're even selling their shit to The Rolling 50s.

Ben: If that's true, then maybe what we need to do is throw a wrench into the operation and fuck things up. If the major players get pissed enough, they might show themselves.

Eddie: Hell, we might even find the pendejo who planted the goddamn bomb.

Kim: You okay, Jess?

Jess: Please just let me say goodbye to him.

Ben: Stone was in the LAPD before he joined the bureau. He had a lot of friends.

Jess: I want to be there.

Ben: Enough.

Jess: Where are you taking me?

Ben: Somewhere safe.

Jess: Are you staying with me?

Ben: You'll have protection. We need to go poke a stick in a spider's nest.

Eddie: I think I know just how.

Kim: Do tell.

Eddie: The enemy of my enemy is my carnal. I got to get out the city more often, man. Look at these mountains. You ever see so many trees.

Kim: The perfect place to hid a marijuana plantation. Sequoia National Park. How come you DEA boys didn't tell the bureau about this? Afraid to share the glory?

Eddie: Afraid you'd screw it up.

Kim: And your boss isn't going to be pissed when we burn his case?

Eddie: They won't be blaming us for burning this shit down. No, they'll be blaming Araña. At least that's the plan.

Kim: So we torch the Vato Loco's pot fields and leave some tags that point to Araña. You really believe the Vatos will go after Araña?

Ben: If someone burned up a couple million that belonged to you, wouldn't you want some payback?

Eddie: They'll buy it. Easy, easy. We're close now. It's here, on the right.

Ben: You sure you know the way?

Eddie: Look, I saw the satellite photos, man. This is the way to the first field. Looks like we have our way in. It's here.

Ben: Here?

Eddie: We're going to have to leave the car and walk the rest of the way. There they are. Guess my CI's don't suck after all.

Kim: Can we do this without firing any shots?

Gangster 1: Hey! Who the fuck... Chino, wake up!

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 1: Hi jo De Tu Puta Madre! Hey chocho! Show yourself!

Eddie: Fuck!

Gangster 1: Hey chocho! Show yourself!

Eddie: Watch out!

Gangster 1: You fucked with the wrong vato! Yo te mataria!

Kim: Find some cover!

Gangster 2: Put them down! Shoot them!

Eddie: You see anybody else, man?

Kim: What do we do with them?

Ben: Leave them. They're not going anywhere. Is it far?

Eddie: To the top. We should be able to see the first field from this hill.

Kim: Mmmmh... We got a little bit of a hike. You sure you can make it, detective?

Eddie: Yo, Evans, you might have to carry his ass.

Ben: Let's go, jackass.

Kim: Look at this.

Eddie: A fucking ocean of weed in the goddamn national forest.

Ben: Holy shit!

Eddie: I told you.

Kim: That's a lot of damn weed. Think we can burn it all.

Eddie: We just need burn enough to piss those vatos off.

Ben: See those tents? Seems like that's where they store what they've already harvested. If we torch two of them and you'll be able to see that smoke for miles. The fire lookout at Bald Mountain will call in the smoke jumpers and the forest service will take care of the rest. Let's go!

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