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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (3 of 5)

Check out part 4 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Eddie: Get in the car!

Kim: We aren't surprising these vatos. I'm guessing they heard the gunfire.

Eddie: Yeah, unless they're deaf.

Kim: You hear that?

Ben: Looks like they know we're here.

Kim: Should we head into the woods?

Ben: Stick to the plan.

Eddie: There they are.

Kim: You sure that's them?

Ben: Who the hell else would be driving like that?

Kim: Just keep moving!


Ben: Take them out!

Goddamn it! They're shooting at me!

Eddie: Ahead!

All right, this is as far as we can go with the car. From here, we'll have to hike to the riverbank.

Kim: Can you hear that? They're looking for us.

Eddie: Move. Move!

Ben: Get under the bridge!

Can you see it?

Kim: No!

Eddie: We have to hike down to the riverbed.

Ben: Fantastic.

Eddie: Hey, over there!

Ben: We got company!

Kim: You ready to get medieval on they asses?

Eddie: Try aiming!

Keep your head down!

Kim: Ahead!

Eddie: Check it. Time to go.

Eddie: Right.

Gangster: There!

Put them down!

Ben: I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh and I will bathe in the blood of my motherfucking enemies.

Eddie: I think they're all fucking dead.

Ben: Quiet now! We're getting close.

Gangster 1: And?

Gangster 2: I don't know, homes. He don't answer?

Gangster 1: Call again.

Gangster 2: Oh fuck! Here they come!

Chingada Madre! Shoot those putos!

Watch out!

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster: Chota!

Come on out, bitch!

Eddie: Shoot! Goddammit!

Kim: Left!

Gangster: Cut around right!

Eddie: Get down!

Gangster: You fucked with the wrong vato!

Put them down!

Kim: Shoot! God . . .

Gangster: Hit 'em on the left!

Eddie: Don't fuck with you. Check it!

Kim: Watch out!

Gangster: Hey, cabron!

Ben: I did not come to bring peace, but a motherfucking sword!

Kim: Ahead!

Eddie: These bitches are done.

Gangster: Over there!

Kim: Keep your head down!

Eddie: If we weren't watching your back, you would be motherfucking dead!

Gangster: Put them down!

Kim: Where the hell are you, güera?


Gangster: Puta!

Eddie: Guess that's all of them.

Gangster: You ain't leaving here alive!

Eddie: Left!

Gangster: Come on out, bitch!

Kim: Fuck!

Gangster: Kill them!

Gangster: You're dead now, cabron!

Kim: Damn!

Eddie: Ahead!

Eddie: Try aiming!

Gangster: Hey, chocho! Show yourself!


Ben: Ready to roll?

Eddie: You don't miss too much, eh.

Gangster: Don't let them out of here!

Hijo de puta!

Eddie: Right!

Gangster: Shoot them!

Kim: Get down!

Ben: Burn that shit down!


Fine, spray those tags.

Tag it! Let's go!

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