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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (5 of 5)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Kim: Ahead!

Gangster: There!

Eddie: Keep your head down!

Gangster: Come here!

Gangster: There!

Eddie: Right!

Gangster: Hey, cabron!

Cut them off!

Eddie: Leave some for us!

I think they're all fucking dead.

Kim: There's the house.

Keep it down.


Eddie: Ahead!

Kim: Look for cover!

Eddie: Run! Run!

Kim: Go, go, go!


Gangster: Hija de puta!

Eddie: Get down!

Gangster: Shoot them!

Kim: Move it!

Eddie: Smoke them!

Gangster: You're not getting out of here, hon.

Ben: Whenever you're ready.

Kim: Take them!

Gangster: Cut them off! Cut them off!

Shoot! Take them down!

You're dead! You hear me? Dead!

Ben: I'm thinking that there are some vatos behind that door. Ready to surprise their ass?

Get in position.


Gangster: You're not leaving here alive!

Ben: Get down!

Eddie: Hey, you don't miss too much, eh?

Kim: That, you hear that?

Watch out!

What the fuck was that?

Eddie: This is not good.

Kim: Chopper!

Eddie: Grab some cover!

Ben: There's got to be a goddamn armory around here somewhere. Look for something we can use to shoot that son of a bitch down!

Eddie: Holy fuck, man!

Ben: Get to cover!

Eddie: Watch it! Oh, this is fucking crazy!

Ben: Oh, fuck!

Blast him!

Kim: Here it comes!

Eddie: Motherfucker!

Kim: Watch out!

Eddie: Here it comes!

Kim: Watch out!

Watch out!

Ben: Nice!

We've got to get out of here before the cops show up! Come on!

Eddie: Araña pissed a lot of vatos off today, eh.

Kim: So you're sure they'll blame this on Araña?

Eddie: Hell, yeah! These boys aren't rocket scientists. Once they see that spider, there'll be some payback.

Ben: Now we need to piss off one of Araña's partners in crime. Someone they deal with on a daily basis.

Eddie: He's talking about your family, Agent Evans.

Kim: Look, those assholes are not my family.

Ben: The Rolling '50s deal drugs for Araña. Isn't that your baby brother's crew?

Kim: He won't tell us anything. He doesn't want anything to do with me.

Eddie: What a surprise.

Ben: There must be something you can tell us about their operation. I mean, hell, didn't you grow up there?

Kim: Well, there is a stash house they deal out of. Or at least they used to.

Eddie: Orale, that's perfect. I mean, what if Araña were to rip them off? Take back the drugs they already sold them. That would piss them off pretty bad, right?

Kim: I just . . .

Ben: What?

Kim: I don't want Deon to get hurt.

Ben: We can watch out for baby bro. No problem.

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