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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 2 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 2 with this online demo.


Ben: Come on, we need to move.

Policeman: Ben, we found the suspect you wanted us to pick up. Not only was he holding, but he was higher than a goddamn kite.

Ben: Book him on public intoxication. Twenty-four hour watch.

Okay, Evans. Your baby brother's out of the line of fire. Let's do this.

Hi, Pam. What's up?

Pamela: It's my baby. She's sick, and I don't have insurance.

Ben: Sick?

Pamela: She tested positive for Hep C.

Ben: You said you were clean. You promised me!

Pamela: As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I stopped using. I swear. I'm out of the life.

Ben: Don't worry about the baby. I'll figure something out.

Pamela: Thank you, Ben. Thank you.

Ben: How many of these punks are we going to find in there? Two? Five?

Kim: Two, outside.

Eddie: And inside?

Kim: Could be twenty.

Eddie: Seriously?

Ben: Twenty?

Eddie: Shit. This could get messy, man.

Kim: There's the house.

Eddie: Looks like a real shithole.

Kim: Two outside. Just like I said.

Ben: Guess you know the neighborhood.

Eddie: So let's go inside and find the party.

Suzy: Lil Mike picked me up last night, and the motherfucker robbed me.

Ben: Why are you hanging with the Rolling 50s, Suze? That Lil Mike's an asshole.

Suzy: Tell me about it. Slapped me around and said I wasn't worth paying. Said I should pay him and took my goddamn purse. Five hundred, Ben. You get that back for me and I will return the favor. You know I will.

Ben: Jesus.

Kim: Careful.

Gangster 1: What the fuck!

Ben: I'm kicking your ass old school.

Gangster 1: Who are these assholes?

Gangster 2: I'll kill you, motherfucker!

Ben: Leave him. Upstairs! Move!

Time for an old-fashioned beat down!

All right. Let's go! Toss the place.

Kim: What are we looking for?

Eddie: Anything worth anything.

Ben: Cash, drugs, guns. Smash anything we can't carry. The whole point is to piss these assholes off.

Over here! Come here!

Yeah, a little bonus.

Eddie: Oh shit, these boys are going to be pissed.

Ben: Madder than a gut shot bear. Let's tag the place and get the fuck out of here.

Kim: I can't believe I'm doing this.

Eddie: We're just stirring the pot a little bit.

Ben: Let's get out of here.

Eddie: They got a little spider infestation up in here.

Kim: Shit! Do you hear that?

Ben: Time for an old-fashioned beat down.

Gangster 3: Don't let them get away!

Eddie: Left!

Kim: I can't do this. This is not right.

Ben: It's us or them. Downstairs. Get behind something.

Kim: Damn!

Gangster 4: Here they are!

Eddie: Into the fucking cross fire?

Ben: Blitz them!

Eddie: Where the fuck are we, man? Which way's the car?

Ben: Shut up! Christ!

Eddie: Where's our motherfucking car?

Kim: Left! Behind!

Gangster 4: You're fucking dead [inaudible 00:05:00]!

Eddie: Don't fuck with you. Check it! Ahead.

Ben: Everybody ready.

Gangster 5: Get them.

Eddie: Guess that's all of them.

Looks like you got this.

Didn't think they'd ever stop fucking coming.

Ben: They're here already!

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