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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 3 (4 of 4)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 3 with this online demo.


Ben: Quiet. Do you hear anything? There he is! Follow him!

Eddie: These pendejos are starting to piss me off.

Gangster 1: Faster, man! Faster!

Gangster 2: Who are these assholes?

Gangster 3: Wait!

Ben: Javier? Are you here?

Gangster 1: Put them down.

Gangster 2: Hijo de puta!

Gangster 3: Shoot 'em.

Eddie: You know, you don't have to do this all by yourself. All right, check it. Time to go.

Gangster 4: They're inside.

Kim: Watch out!

Eddie: Try aiming!

Kim: Ahead!

Eddie: Come on, Javier. Let's end this bullshit.

Gangster: Hey, cabron!

Ben: And I saw a pale horse and he who sits upon it and his name is death and he has a bullet with your fucking name on it.

Gangster 5: Keep your head down.

Come here!

Gangster 6: Here they are!

Gangster 7: Don't let them out of here!

[Spanish 00:01:35]

Eddie: Looks like you got this.


Gangster 7: Cut around right, cabron!

Gangster 8: There!

Eddie: Ahead!

Gangster 8: Watch out!

Eddie: Damn!

Gangster 8: Hey, cabron!

Kim: We done here?

Gangster 9: You're fucking dead now, bitch!

Gangster 10: Hit him on the left!

Kim: Javier! Stop!

Ben: Look out! Son of a bitch!

You're mine, motherfucker.

Here's how it works, asshole. It's just like confession. I ask and you answer. And if I don't like what I hear, I give you over to my compadre.

Javier: Give me to the girl, man. Your homie isn't really my type, ese.

Ben: You're already off to a bad start, Javier.

Javier: Chinga tu madre.

Eddie: Hey! You start bad, you end bad, ese.

Javier: Ouch!

Kim: Well, you got what you wanted.

Javier: Puta!


Kim: I think you better answer the man's questions.

Javier: Okay, okay, what do you want man?

Ben: Tina told us she hooked you up with Nicole. Remember Nicole? Did you kill her? Kidnap her? Sell her to Araña? Maybe the Mendoza cartel?

Javier: Come on, I tell you anything and I am a fucking dead man.

Ben: And if you don't, you're a fucking dead man. That doesn't leave you a lot of options.

Javier: If you kill me, she dies.

Ben: And if you tell me where she is, there's a slim chance you both might live.

Javier: Aaah!

Eddie: Then I guess you'll be seeing her at the pearly gates, cabron.

Javier: Ouch!

Ben: Not likely. Assholes like Javier spend eternity burning in hell.

Javier: Ouch!

Kim: You come back for a little more sugar?

Ben: See you in hell, Javier.

Javier: Look, okay, okay, okay. I only find them, man. I don't hurt them.

Kim: Them? There's more of them?

Javier: I don't know. Ten? Twenty?

Ben: Nicole? Where's Nicole?

Javier: She's with them.

Kim: Where?

Javier: Jesus Christ! The cartel will kill me, man! Ouch!

Okay, okay, just stop. At the docks. That's all I know. I swear. Please.

Ben: I'm calling SWAT. We're running out of time.

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