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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 4 (3 of 4)

Check out part 4 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


Eddie: There's the warehouse. Do you think they know we're coming?

Ben: Evans go upstairs. Cover us. Let's go.

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 1: Hey, cabron!

Eddie: Shoot! Goddamn it!

Gangster 2: Yo te mataria!

Gangster 3: Puta!

Kim: Damn!

Eddie: Hey, you don't miss too much, eh.

Gangster 4: Don't let them out of here.

Eddie: Watch out!

Kim: Shoot! Goddammit!

Gangster 5: Hey chocho! Show yourself.

Eddie: Right!

Gangster 6: Puta!

Kim: That was the last one.

Ben: We have to search the building. Let's look inside the containers.

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 7: Watch out! Hey chocho! Show yourself!

Kim: Clear. Clear. They're not in three.

Eddie: Damn.

Ben: There's no time. Let's check four.

Eddie: Jesus Christ, they just keep coming.

Kim: They have no way to escape. Five and six are secure.

Eddie: Why are they still defending?

Kim: FBI. Drop your weapons. You're surrounded! FBI!

Eddie: They're not listening to you, agent Evans.

Ben: Let them listen to this.

Kim: Shoot! Goddammit!

Gangster 8: You're fucking dead!

Ben: Damn!

Eddie: What the fuck!

Kim: Oh fuck!

Eddie: Ahead!

Ben: Too fucking close!

Eddie: Hey, you don't miss too much, eh. Left!

Kim: Look for cover. Move!

Eddie: Get down.

Gangster 9: You fucked with the wrong vato! Yo te mataria!

Ben: I did not come to bring peace but a motherfucking sword.

Eddie: Didn't think they'd ever stop fucking coming.

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