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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 6 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 6 with this online demo.


Ben: Ready. Let me check the perimeter.

Kim: Clear.

Ben: Bring her out. Come on, Jess. Let's go.

Dempsey: Ready?

Ben: Start moving. Easy.

Eddie: I guess we're good.

Jess: You guess?

Kim: We're fine, Jess. Don't you worry.

Jess: Is it far?

Ben: On the other side of the city.

Dempsey: The accommodations aren't exactly elegant, but it's well hidden and you'll be perfectly safe.

Eddie: Keep your eyes on the road, Sergeant.

Kim: Someone's a little on edge today.

Dempsey: Don't worry, Agent Guerra. This ain't my first rodeo. What the hell?

Ben: It's a trap!

Dempsey: Keep your heads down!

Ben: Go back! Go back!

Eddie: Now! Let's get the fuck out of here! Go left!

Kim: Get down Jess! Head on the seat!

Ben: Go! Go! Go!

Dempsey: Call for backup, McCall. McCall!

Ben: Go! Officers under fire! The corner of Pico and Berendo! Heading east for the freeway! Fuck!

Kim: Careful!

Jess: Who are they?

Kim: Get your head down! You're not listening to me, girl!

Dempsey: Where to now?

Ben: Straight ahead.

Kim: Shit!

Dempsey: Out of the way! Out of the way! LAPD! Police! Out of the way!

Ben: Go right!

Gangster 1: Come on out, bitch!

Kim: They're coming up behind us!

Ben: Take those fuckers out.

Dempsey: Hold on tight! Shit!

Ben: Hit the brakes and back the fuck up!

Gangster 2: Hey, cabron!

Dempsey: They sent a whole goddamn army.

Ben: Everybody ready!

Kim: Ahead!

Ben: Watch out!

Kim: Jesus Christ!

Ben: Back up! Back up!

Dempsey: This way. Hold on! They're everywhere.

Kim: How do they know about us?

Eddie: Someone fucking talked! Someone inside!

Dempsey: Who? Shit! They found us!

Ben: Everyone all right? Jess?

Kim: Jess, you just keep your head down.

Eddie: Someone fucking dimed us, man.

Kim: He's right, McCall!

Ben: Turn off that fucking siren! You're giving us away!

Dempsey: Right! Hold on!

Jess: Oh my god!

Kim: Head down! What did I tell you?

Jess: Aah!

Eddie: Ahead!

Dempsey: Shit!

Gangster 3: Run!

Gangster 4: You're not getting out of here, homes.

Eddie: They're still behind us?

Kim: Where the hell are you going?

Dempsey: Hold on!

Kim: You're going the wrong way!

Dempsey: At least they won't follow us!

Ben: Jesus Christ!

Eddie: Are you out of your fucking mind!

Dempsey: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Eddie: Hey! Would you get on the right fucking side of the road!

Dempsey: I'm trying!

Kim: Behind! Shoot! Goddammit!

Jess: Oh my God!

Eddie: Don't fuck with you. Check it!

Kim: Right! There! Over there!

Dempsey: Hang on!

Eddie: Jesus Christ. You're going to kill us before they do motherfucker!

Dempsey: You're still breathing, aren't you?

Kim: They're back. Look! Somebody's guiding them right to us.

Jess: Ben?

Ben: We have to get the fuck off this freeway!

Dempsey: Where the hell's our back up?

Ben: Who the fuck knows?

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