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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 7 (2 of 4)

Check out part 3 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 7 with this online demo.


Ben: How do you feel, Jess?

Jess: All right, I guess.

Ben: The place is packed, but Agent Guerra won't leave your side. Agents Evans has us covered from that rooftop. And even if we lose sight of you, we can trace you with the transmitter. So don't worry.

Jess: What about you?

Ben: Me?

Jess: Are you going to be guarding me or hunting Alvarez?

Ben: It's all the same thing.

Jess: Is it?

Ben: Don't worry, honey. You're going to be fine. Evans?

Kim: I'm in position.

Ben: Now we wait.

Eddie: All right, I'm going to be over here.

Kim: Someone's coming in from the second entrance. Looks like him to me. Don't turn around.

Eddie: What do you mean?

Kim: I think it's him but. I don't know. Maybe we should reconsider this.

Ben: Too late. Watch him. I see him.

Eddie: Yeah, got him.

He's approaching Jess. Okay, they're talking.

Ben: What's the situation, Evans? Evans!

Woman 1: [Spanish 00:01:31]

Hey, don't shoot me!

Woman 2: She's got a gun!


He's got a gun!

Woman 3: Oh my god, look!

Woman 2: She's got a gun!

Oh my god!

Ben: Alvarez.

Kim: Ben! Jess is on the run! Ben! God damn it, go after her!

Ben: Alvarez killed Donleavy! How could you let him shoot!

Eddie: He went after her, Ben!

Ben: Watch her, Evans. Guerra, follow me!

Kim: Ben, what are you doing? Ben!

Man 1: He has a gun!

Eddie: The hallway!

Ben: Alvarez!

Man 1: Oh my god!

Woman 3: Pistola!

Ben: After him!

Man 2: Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Ben: He went to the roof!

Eddie: Ben, what about the girl? McCall?

Gangster 1: Over there!

Eddie: Right!

Watch out!

Leave some for us! Watch out! There's more of them!

Gangster 2: Come on out, bitch!

Ben: Damn it!

Eddie: You got that bitch.

Gangster 3: Watch out!

Eddie: Ahead!

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