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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 8 (1 of 4)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 8 with this online demo.


Ben: You hear something, Evans?

Eddie: You know who's visiting the city of angels?

Kim: Jesus.

Ben: We talking the second coming?

Eddie: No man, we're talking about the son of Mendoza.

Kim: He's going to want his money back. Otherwise he's going to have one pissed off supplier. Looks like our hustle is finally paying off.

Ben: You hear anything on Jess?

Kim: Nothing.

Ben: You?

Kim: If we grab Jesus, he can lead us to that arms dealer.

Ben: So fuck Jess.

Kim: You know that's not what I'm saying. Grabbing Jesus gives us leverage. As long as we have him, they won't hurt her.

Ben: So how the hell do we find Jesus?

Eddie: We tell Araña we have the Carte's feria. We know those fuckers are working together.

Ben: You have a contact?

Eddie: I know a pendejo who rolls with them, a street dealer. Name's Flaco. He'll flip no problem.

Ben: So what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Kim: Is he alone?

Eddie: Hey. We'll soon find out.

Kim: I like to know what the fuck I'm walking into.

Eddie: Where's the fun in that?

Ben: You at least know the layout of the place.

Eddie: It's your basic lowlife shithole. Craptastic kitchenette on the left, nasty-ass bathroom on the right.

Ben: Jesus, is everything a goddamn soliloquy with you?

Eddie: Pardon me for having a personality.

Kim: So how are we doing this?

Eddie: Check it out. Girl's all business.

Ben: We kick the fucking door down and introduce ourselves.

Eddie: Hey. Just doing what I do, baby.

Kim: Who the hell were you just talking to?

Eddie: Yo mammacita.

Kim: Asshole!

Eddie: DEA!

Kim: FBI!

Ben: Let me see your hands!

Eddie: Hey, Flaco, sorry for the cock block.

Kim: Date's over, mamacita.

Flaco: Hey! Shit! Don't shoot!

Ben: You know what curiosity did to the cat, chola?

Flaco: What the fuck, Eddie? Shit man, you get the shit on me bro.

Eddie: Hard to look tough when your pinga is hanging out.

Flaco: What are you staring at, momma? Get on or get out, all right? You like that shit, huh?

Eddie: I think hers is bigger.

Flaco: Very funny. You here for a reason? Or just to bust my balls?

Eddie: We want you to call Araña.

Flaco: What the fuck for?

Ben: You tell those cholos that we have the Cartel's cash and we want to meet with Jesus.

Flaco: What?

Ben: You got beans in your ears, asshole?

Eddie: Don't mind him, man. Ben here lost a little heina and now he has an attitude problem.

Kim: He's not the only one.

Eddie: So check it out. You're tight with them. Tell them we'll make a deal.

Flaco: I don't know, Eddie. They've been really pissed off lately, bro.

Eddie: So you'll make their day. Score some points. Earn some ferria.

Kim: I think Flaco's scared.

Eddie: Flaco's fine.

Flaco: I'm not fucking scared.

Ben: So make the fucking call.

Eddie: Come on, ese. Let's do this deal.

Flaco: Hey, bro. Yeah, it's Flaco, man. I got something you might be interested in, fool. This cop I know says he has the Carte's cash. Yeah. That's what he says, man. They want to deal. Okay. Later.

Ben: They interested?

Flaco: They'll let us know, all right.

Eddie: Then we better bounce. Here you go, man. You're wired for sound.

Flaco: You want me to wear a wire?

Kim: It's for your own protection.

Eddie: Choose a safe word. If something goes south, we'll know.

Ben: Maybe we'll even save your sorry ass.

Flaco: Puta. Is that safe enough?

Eddie: Nice. We're out of here. Don't worry, ese. We got your back.

Flaco: Fuck me, man.

Kim: You sure he's not playing you?

Eddi: He thinks he is, but I'm the one pulling the strings.

Ben: Come on, let's go. In the car. Turn the sucker on. Let's see if it works. He's nervous.

Eddie: You scared the little bitch.

Ben: He was born scared.

Kim: Look.

Eddie: Here we go.

Jorge: Where's the Chota?

Flaco: They took off. But they want to meet, man.

Sergio: They?

Flaco: My man from the DEA. A sister from the Bureau. Some LAPD asshole.

Sergio: So they just came to you, out of the blue?

Flaco: They know I'm connected.

Jorge: Yeah, see we heard word they got somebody inside.

Sergio: You working with the popo?

Flaco: No fucking way. I'm no puta, all right.

Kim: Let's move.

Eddie: Wait, wait.

Kim: He said Puta!

Eddie: He's just talking his way out of it.

Jorge: That's what people say, pendejo. That you're on the payroll.

Flaco: That's bullshit and you know it, man. This chota told me they want to meet with some asshole named Jesus. Puta madre!

Kim: Shit!

Ben: Sit the fuck down!

Jorge: We have to tell Jesus about this, man.

Sergio: He's not going to be happy.

Ben: They're going to lead us right to him.

Kim: Eddie, you're an asshole.

Eddie: I didn't know they were going to waste the little bitch.

Ben: We're just making lemons into lemonade, Agent Evans.

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