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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 8 (2 of 4)

Check out part 3 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 8 with this online demo.


Ben: Let's roll.

Kim: He's dead because of us.

Ben: Hey, we didn't pull the trigger.

Kim: We're still responsible.

Eddie: Because of him, we're going to find Jesus. So at least he didn't die for nothing, right?

Danielle: Ben, it's Danielle.

Ben: How's my favorite CI?

Danielle: Yo, we have a problem. It's Kanita. She was mulling Meth for this guy, Guardo, and dipped into it and now she's scared to hand it over because he'll know.

Ben: Where is she?

Danielle: At the bar at Eldorado. You know what she looks like, right? Tall, short hair. I think she's wearing a red dress. She's got the stuff on her. You do this and I owe you one, Ben.

Eddie: Hot date? Guess not.

Kim: Good. That club is going to be crowded as hell.

Ben: So keep your guns holstered. Last thing we need is a couple more dead civilians.

Eddie: Hey, maybe we should just wait and follow Jesus to the arms dealer.

Ben: What if that's not his next stop. Once he realizes we're on to him, he may decide to book.

Kim: So we got to grab him before he does.

Ben: Let's go. Just stay cool.

Male 1: What is your problem?

Male 2: Time for an old fashioned.

Ben: We don't want any trouble.

Eddie: All right, check it. Time to go.

Bouncer 1: This place ain't for you, pendejo. No chinga!

Bouncer 2: What the hell you thinking?

Kim: You see them?

Eddie: Nothing!

Ben: Fuck them! Let's look for Jesus.

Eddie: And nail that cabron to a fucking cross.

Ben: You got to be kidding me.

Kim: This place is packed.

Eddie: Hey, let's check up stairs. There's probably a VIP area some shit.

Ben: Where is he?! You see him?

Female 1: Watch where you're going.

Ben: Stairs!

Kim: Watch it!

Ben: Upstairs!

Female 2: Excuse me pendejo.

Female 3: Look out. What the fuck!

Ben: Give it to me, Kanita.

Kanita: Ben?

Ben: Don't worry. I'll handle Guardo.

Kanita: Thanks, Ben. Sorry.

Bouncer 3: Hey! Who the fuck let you in?

Ben: Kicking your ass old school. Fisticuffs!

Bouncer 4: Que la Chingada!

Kim: I better not break a nail.

Bouncer 5: Grab them!

Ben: Kicking your ass old school!

Eddie: Didn't think they'd ever stop fucking coming.

Jorge: Hey! You must be Flaco's chota. He said they were three. Though he didn't say the mayata was so bootylicious.

Eddie: Yeah. Hot, but high maintenance.

Ben: We want to talk to Jesus.

Jorge: Jesus? You want to talk to Jesus? That can be arranged, amigo. All you have to do is get on your knees, put your hands together, and pray. Are you ready to meet your maker?

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