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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 8 (4 of 4)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 8 with this online demo.


Gangster 1: Put them down!

Eddie: Grab some cover, man!

Gangster 2: Chota!

Kim: Move!

Eddie: Down!

Gangster 3: Come on out, bitch!

Kim: Left!

Eddie: Run! Run!

Gangster 4: You're dead now, cavaron!

Eddie: Go! Go! Pronto!

Gangster 5: Hey chocho, show yourself.

Kim: Shoot them!

Gangster 6: Yo te mata!

Kim: Bring it!

Gangster 7: Shoot them!

Ben: He's getting away! We need wheels!

Kim: Ahead!

Eddie: Don't lose them.

Kim: We're losing him! Is it ours?

Eddie: What?

Kim: The helicopter, is it ours?

Eddie: Fucking don't know, I can't see it. Fuck!

Ben: I don't know!

Eddie: What am I supposed to do? Aim for the windows, maybe you'll scare them off.

Kim: What?

Ben: Shoot, goddamn it!

Eddie: Ahead. What the fuck is that?

Kim: Watch out!

Ben: Let's grab him while he is still breathing. Who's praying now?

Jesus: Who the fuck are you?

Ben: The police. Where is she?

Jesus: I don't know.

Ben: You know, hanging is a very painful way to die, amigo. You kick and you flail and you piss your pants and you fight for air.

Jesus: I told you...

Ben: Listen, you little shit, your life depends on us finding that girl.

Eddie: Whoa, whoa, what are you doing, ese?

Ben: Encouraging Jesus here to spill his guts. What? What are you trying to say?

Kim: You are killing him.

Ben: That's not me, lady, that's just gravity.

Kim: McCall! Guerra do something!

Ben: Loosen the noose. I think he wants to tell us something.

Jesus: Ask me about something I know.

Ben: All right. Tell us who the hell you have inside the Justice Department.

Jesus: I don't know! I'm telling you the truth!

Kim: Who is selling you military-grade weapons?

Jesus: Peace Keepers International.

Kim: What the fuck? The Private Military company? Aren't they the ones who leveled that Children's Hospital in Iraq?

Ben: And lost their contract with the Pentagon and went chapter 11.

Kim: I guess they found a new customer base.

Ben: Who's your contact there?

Jesus: Michael Duke.

Ben: The CEO?

Jesus: I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow.

Ben: You two haven't met before?

Jesus: No one knows me here. My father wanted someone with low profile to make the trade.

Ben: Who the fuck is that?

Jesus: Tony Alvarez. He works for my father.

Ben: Well ask him if he knows where the girl is?

Alvarez: Jesus? Man, why aren't you picking up?

Jesus: I'm busy.

Alvarez: Doing what?

Jesus: Running the fuck away! Man, they wanted to kill me.

Alvarez: Puta madre. Did you lose them? Where are you? I'll send someone over.

Jesus: No am safe where I am.

Alvarez: Everything all right?

Jesus: What did I just say? By the way, I heard you got that girl.

Alvarez: Who told you that?

Jesus: Some of the bangers from Araña.

Alvarez: That bitch ain't your concern, man. You just take care of your end tomorrow.

Jesus: No problem.

Ben: Let him down. Here is the plan, Jesus. We're going to talk to Mr. Duke. Eddie here is going to pretend to be you. And you'll be tied up somewhere where no one will ever find you. So you better hope to hell it goes well for us.

Eddie: We will be bound by the ties of life and death, ese.

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