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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 9 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 9 with this online demo.


Eddie: This is the middle of bumble fuck nowhere, man. Talk about the mother fucking boonies.

Ben: Yes, the perfect location for a live-fire military test range.

Eddie: So this Duke is rich as shit, right?

Kim: One of the richest men in the country before PKI lost their military contracts.

Eddie: He collects World War II tanks?

Kim: Tanks, fighter jets, rare native Mexican folk art.

Ben: Which will all be going to the government after we bust his billionaire ass for running guns.

Eddie: Yeah. That's if he believes I'm Jesus.

Ben: All you've got to do is walk on water, amigo.

Eddie: Tell me about it.

Kim: You can still change your mind, you know.

Ben: No, he can't. That train has left the station. No turning back now.

Eddie: All right. How do I look?

Kim: Like a smug, macho asshole who thinks he's God's gift to women.

Eddie: Yes, you look beautiful too, baby girl.

Kim: Two on the roof to the left.

Mercenary: Give me your weapons.

Ben: How about you give me yours? Seven?

Eddie: Eight. We're here to get guns, not give them away, ese.

Duke: You must be Jesus. And your restless friend is . . .

Eddie: Harris. He's our weapons expert from L.A. Little lady is helping me with various things.

Ben: Is there a reason you brought us out here to the middle of nowhere?

Duke: Indeed there is. A hundred and fifty years ago, this was a thriving community. A gold mining town. A great example of this country's can-do attitude. But when the mine closed, the town died. That's what money is. The lifeblood of this Republic. Without it, what do we have? Nothing.

Eddie: Well, lucky for you we managed to find my missing money. Your payment is all here and accounted for.

Duke: Hey, we'll get to that. But first I have a question for you. What do you know about the treasure of Juarez?

Eddie: Nothing.

Duke: Are you kidding me? You are Jesus, right? Jesus Mendoza?

Eddie: Hey, look! I'm not here to talk ancient history, gringo. We have business to take care of, right?

Duke: We'll get to business. But first, there's someone here who wants to say hello. Amigo!

Alvarez: Jesus, how you doing, mijo? You're Harris, huh? You look old enough to have served in 'Nam.

Ben: Yes, I was there.

Alvarez: Oh me too, amigo. What a hellhole, huh? I guess we're both lucky to be alive.

Duke: Now that we're all acquainted, maybe we can get down to business.

Eddie: That's what we're here for.

Duke: I thought we should test these puppies out first. Make sure you knew how to handle weaponry this sophisticated. Originally I was going to do the presentation myself. But since you brought an expert, let him do the honors. Shall we?

Alvarez: Hey, come with me, bonita. I'll show you the way.

Duke: Shall we start with this one?

Ben: M4. Light and precise. You can shoot the balls off a bull at 300 yards.

Duke: Help yourselves and take a gander out the window. You won't find any cojones, but we did set up some other targets.

Eddie: Nice.

Duke: Let's see what kind of damage you can do.

Eddie: Not bad.

Duke: Your father taught you well. All right, let's move on to something with a little more powerful now. The PKM.

Ben: Yes, I'm familiar with it.

Duke: In that case, I'll dispense with the details. Suffice it to say, it can take down larger targets than the M4. That is if you can deal with the recoil. Think you can handle that, boy?

Eddie: Do I look like a toy to you, cabron?

Duke: No, you don't. But maybe we should leave the lighter weapons for the ladies. I have something here that can put some serious hurt on whatever you're aiming at.

Eddie: A bazooka?

Duke: Harris?

Ben: The M72 rocket launcher. Small, easy to handle, and very powerful.

Duke: Perfect for punching holes in the armored vehicles of the Mexican military. For now, you'll have to practice on those wrecks down there or that water tank. Give it a try. As you can see, we have enough ammo to take down this entire town. I think that is exactly what your father was interested in.

Eddie: I would say so.

Duke: Then let's move on, shall we. Please follow we to the square.

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