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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 9 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 9 with this online demo.


Duke: Satisfied?

Eddie: All right, let's do the deal.

Duke: Not so fast. Don't you want to test the merchandise out on some live targets?

Eddie: What the hell?

Duke: A gift from your father, Jesus. Didn't he tell you?

Alvarez: Juan wanted it to be a surprise.

Eddie: What the hell is this?

Alvarez: Your baptism in blood, mijo. You see, this pendejo's a Vato Loco, rivals of Araña. Our friend's enemies are our enemies, eh?

Eddie: Are u fucking kidding me?

Alvarez: Your father will be very disappointed if you pussy out, man. Time to man up, mijo.

Duke: What's the problem here?

Eddie: Ain't no problem.

Duke: We'll give you a little head start, amigo, just for sport. He's all yours. I'll set one of these sons of bitches free every five minutes. Good hunting, gentlemen.

Alvarez: Come on. It's your baptism, ese. Time to prove you have the cojones. Let's go, mijo. Wouldn't want to disappoint your padre. Look, you don't do this, then it's up to me. And I'm not someone who enjoys killing those who, well, can't fight back. Come on, mijo, don't let him get away. There he is. Shoot, Jesus! Come on! Kill him! Be a man, Jesus! Come on! Where is he?

Duke: It's time to raise the stakes! Let loose three of them now!

Ben: Watch out! Damn!

Eddie: He's shooting at us!

Kim: Where did he get the gun?

Alvarez: That makes things more interesting. Got him! Hey, mijo! What's up with you, ese? You want to disappoint your papa? Just like Vietnam, right, Harris?

Kim: Did you hear that?

Alvarez: Ah, that Vato will not die easily.

Duke: Pull!

Vato: You're in deep shit now! Time for a beat down!

Ben: Fuck! I have acrophobia.

Eddie: Fear of heights? Are you fucking kidding me?

Ben: Do I look like I'm fucking kidding?

Pamela: Hey, Ben, there's someone I know who's in the market for a vintage revolver, and I thought, you know, you're a cop. You like guns. Maybe you know someone, and if I could get a finder's fee . . .

Ben: Maybe. Let me look into it. He's dead.

Alvarez: Well, now we know where the cholo got his gun.

Eddie: I guess Duke underestimated those Vatos.

Alvarez: Maybe he has underestimated you too, eh, Jesus?

Kim: It's coming from the square! From the saloon!

Ben: There are rockets in there!

Eddie: Enough to blow up the whole goddamn town!

Ben: Move!

Kim: Look out!

Ben: Find some cover!

Duke: Can't believe my men allowed these street scum to ambush them!

Ben: Here they come!

Eddie: Hey, over there!

Ben: Everybody charged up.

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