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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 9 (3 of 3)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 9 with this online demo.


Ben: I did not come to bring peace but a mother fucking sword! They're after us! Get them off our ass.

Eddie: I'll see what I can do. They ain't giving up, man!

Ben: Ready to roll?

Alvarez: It's getting hot. Just like the jungle, right Haris?

Ben: Yes, anyone could catch a bullet out here.

Kim: No, McCall. We need that asshole. Look out!

Ben: Find some cover!

Duke: I can't believe my men allowed these street scum to ambush them!

Alvarez: Come on, Jesus. Let's finish this!

Kim: Jesus Christ, how many of those assholes did we kill?

Ben: Jesus Christ don't have nothing to do with it!

Duke: Well, if that's how you deal with trouble in Juarez you really do need an army. I should put those three on your goddamn tab.

Eddie: Hey, shit happens, man!

Alvarez: Maybe we should get back to business.

Eddie: Good idea. Let's get this deal done.

Duke: I was asking you earlier about the Treasure of Juarez. What wasn't stolen at the turn of the century is in the National Museum. It's an amazing treasure trove of Pre-Columbian art: pottery, stone work, sculptures, jewelry made of gold and silver and precious gems. Worth millions, but more importantly, an amazing cultural legacy. If you want to close this deal, you tell your father I want that treasure.

Eddie: Wait, let me get this straight. You want my father to rob a museum?

Duke: Security is pretty lax, and besides you can always pay people off to look the other way if necessary.

Eddie: I thought we had a deal.

Duke: We did, and now I'm changing it. The weapons for the treasure. This price is non-negotiable. Hell, it's a better deal for him being that treasure ain't his anyway.

Eddie: Where and when?

Duke: We'll arrange the details when your padre's got the treasure. I bid you gentlemen farewell.

Eddie: Ala chingada. That cracker is fucking crazy, man.

Ben: What the hell were you and Alvarez talking about, Evans?

Kim: Alvarez wants to make a deal. He figures we've got Jesus.

Ben: You can't trust that motherfucker. A deal with him? Are you kidding me?

Kim: Ben, they have Jess.

Ben: What?

Kim: We have no choice.

Ben: There's always a choice.

Kim: What are you doing?

Juan: Jesus?

Ben: Nope.

Juan: Why do you have his phone then? Who are you?

Ben: I'm the guy who has a gun to your son's head.

Kim: You called Juan Mendoza?

Ben: If you want to see him again, you bring me Jessica Stone.

Juan: No pendejo. If you want to make an exchange you'll have to come to me.

Ben: I don't think so.

Juan: Then pull the fucking trigger. We do it my way or we don't do this at all. You know where Lago Seca is located? Right off highway two?

Ben: I'll find it.

Juan: Be there in three days at dawn.

Kim: Have you gone crazy? We can make a deal with Alvarez!

Ben: We're better off dealing with the big dog.

Eddie: Where's this trade taking place?

Ben: Lago Seca. Where ever the hell that is.

Eddie: Shit. Mexico?

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