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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 12 (1 of 4)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 12 with this online demo.


Man 1: Today, exactly two weeks after the DEA bombing, Jessica Stone, the daughter of Patrick Stone, one of the victims in the tragic attack that took the lives of seven Federal officers, is being laid to rest.

Unofficial sources report that she was a witness in the bombing case and was reportedly under the direct protection of the special inter-agency task force put together to find the perpetrators. The Department of Justice refuses to comment, claiming that the case is still under investigation.

Ben: How much did they pay you, you son of a bitch? How much?

Eddie: What are you trying to say man?

Kim: We know Donleavy gave you the key, Jess saw it happen.

Ben: Whose motherfucking side are you on?

Eddie: What was I supposed to do man? One of you is talking to internal affairs about me, ese. I don't know who the fuck to trust! Definitely not that bitch.

Kim: What?

Eddie: Remember how Donleavy went down? You really think Alvarez could hit him in that fucking crowd?

Kim: What the fuck are you implying?

Ben: He's not implying anything. He's saying you fucking shot him.

Kim: That's crazy. Donleavy was dirty! He was working for the cartel!

Eddie: Yeah, right.

Ben: Who told you that? Waters? You called him, didn't you? It wasn't Dickson who got Alvarez to that club. It was you.

Kim: Think about what you're saying, old man.

Ben: I saw you talking to Alvarez when we met with Duke. And then that poor girl-

Kim: Don't you fucking lay that on me. You were so set on taking down Alvarez you didn't care who got hurt.

Ben: What the hell do you have going with Alvarez? What the hell does he have on you?

Kim: He said he'd give me the time and place of the rendezvous with Duke in exchange for the money we stole from Juan. He's supposed to contact me. Alvarez is an asshole, but if we want Mendoza and Duke-

Ben: He's a lot more than an asshole. He's a psychopath. And there's no way in hell I'm making a deal with that son of a bitch.

Where's the key?

Eddie: Right here man, but what good is it, man? I don't know what Eagle Pass means anyway. Fucking cryptic bullshit.

Ben: Not to me.

Kim: Well then, what's Eagle Pass?

Ben: It's not a what. It's a where.

Stone: Donleavy, if you're listening to this recording, it means I'm probably dead. As you know, I've been investigating the smuggling of military arms from the U.S. into Mexico. We managed to turn someone inside the Mendoza Cartel. You probably know who I mean and according to him, this shit goes all the way to the top. They have someone from our Justice Department on their goddamn payroll. And not some low level pencil pusher. The Special Deputy Assistant to the Attorney General of the fucking United States, Shane Dickson. She's going after every other cartel and protecting Mendoza. She put Mendoza together with the arms dealer. And I think she's responsible for the death of a DEA agent.

Now the DEA doesn't know about our guy inside the cartel and to protect him we are covering up all kinds of shit. Reminds me of motherfucking 'Nam. It was never about doing the right things, but always picking the lesser of the two evils.

Kim: Sacrificing the few for the many. All for the greater good.

Stone: I don't know what you'll do with this, but I just wanted somebody to know. Damn it...

Jess: Dad? Are you okay?

Stone: Everything's fine, honey! It's late. You should go to bed. See you in the morning.

I have a meeting at DEA today. We'll see where we end up.

Eddie: Yeah, we know where it fucking ended up.

Kim: This isn't evidence. it's hearsay. We need Duke or Mendoza or somebody inside to corroborate this.

Stone: I need you to get this to an old friend of mine. Or somebody who used to be a friend. Ben McCall. This message is for him.

Ben, if you're hearing this then you know I'm dead. I just wanted to apologize. You were right. About all of it. Back in Saigon, I listened to Tony when I should have listened to you. And I've got to tell you, I've never forgiven myself for that. You're a good man. You always have been. The way you fought to find justice for that poor murdered Vietnamese girl. You never gave up, even after they busted you down. That's why I sent Jess to you. You're the only one I trust to protect her. I know she's safe with you. I'm sorry.

Kim: It's Alvarez.

Ben: Alvarez?

Alvarez: Ben? Is that you? You just can't let this shit go, can you? Saigon was a long fucking time ago, brother.

Ben: So how come it feels like yesterday? No way am I ever letting you off the hook for that. But I am nothing if not a fucking realist. So let's just do this. Tell me where to leave your goddamn blood money.

Alvarez: The meeting will take place outside of Juarez in the ruins of an old fort by the border. It's where Mendoza is hiding the stolen Aztec art collection he intends to trade to Duke. But there's more to this old fort than meets the eye. There's an underground tunnel that leads from the dungeons all away under the border. Perfect for smuggling drugs, illegals, or guns.

Now, the U.S. side of the tunnel is hidden in a basement on an old farm less than half a mile from the border. It's the way across. The meeting is on August 8th, at high noon.

Pamela: Ben? Listen, I know a collector, an ex-client, who pays top dollar for art and antiques. I need the money for the baby. Maybe you can help me?

Ben: Yeah, if that keeps you off the streets.

Pamela: I'm trying, Ben. You know I am.

Kim: They see us.

Eddie: What if they start shooting?

Ben: Then we shoot back.

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