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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 12 (2 of 4)

Check out part 3 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 12 with this online demo.


Kim: He's hard as hell on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.

Eddie: Can't fool us, Ben.

Mexican: Can I help you with something?

Eddie: Yeah, we're with metro vice. We here to investigate a call alleging the involvement of underage minors in the production of pornography.

Mexican: Pornography?

Eddie: Can we have look around?

Mexican: Do you have a warrant?

Eddie: We can get one, sir, but if we do, we're bringing SWAT, we're bringing canine units, and half the goddamn sheriff's department.

Mexican: This is private property, pendejo. Show me a warrant or get the fuck out of here.

Eddie: See, your asshole attitude makes me think that there's something illegal going on in there and that gives us probable cause.

Gangster 1: Hey chocho! Show yourself!

Ben: Kicking your ass old school.

Eddie: Fuck! hey, I think I pissed him off!

Kim: Get to cover!

Ben: Blast the lock and get in!

Eddie: Watch out!

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 2: Yo te mataria!

Gangster 3: There!

Eddie: Get down!

Gangster 4: You're not getting out of here.

Eddie: Leave some for us! Keep your head down!

Gangster 5: Yo te mataria!

Gangster 6: Say a prayer, asshole!

Kim: Keep your head down!

Ben: Everybody charge up!

Eddie: Didn't think they'd ever stop fucking coming.

Ben: Check the barn.

Kim: They barricaded inside, we go on my call.

Eddie: Shhhh...

Ben: Get ready. Go!

Mexican: Hey, cabron! Kill them all!

Ben: Police!

Kim: They're up above!

Ben: Police!

Eddie: You know, you don't have to do this all by yourself.

Gangster 7: I'll fucking kill you!

Gangster 8: Shoot them!

Eddie: Fuck!

Kim: We done here?

Mexican: Torch it. Let's make some carnitas!

Eddie: Shit, it's on fire!

Kim: Get the door open! This thing's coming down!

Eddie: A deadbolt! Shoot it off!

Ben: Get out of here! Now! And I saw a pale horse and he who sits upon it and his name is death and he has a bullet with your fucking name on it! Head for the building! Go!

Eddie: They got a mounted motherfucking machine gun!

Ben: Get behind something!

Eddie: Go, go! Pronto!

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 9: Puta!

Kim: Move it!

Gangster 10: Bring it on, bitch!

Kim: Go!

Gangster 11: Cut around right!

Gangster 12: Come on on out, bitch!

Gangster 13: Chota!

Kim: Hit them!

Gangster 14: Over there!

Gangster 15: Hijo de puta!

Eddie: Drop them!

Gangster 16: Cut around right!

Kim: Bag them!

Gangster 17: Come on out, bitch!

Gangster 18: It's like shooting fish in a barrel, homes!

Ben: Fuck!

Gangster 19: Puta!

Gangster 20: Cut them off!

Kim: Shoot them!

Gangster 21: Watch out!

Eddie: Smoke them!

Ben: I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, an my sword shall devour flesh, and I will... Clear. Get in there! Head for the basement!

Kim: Wait! Hold up! We got some tango's down below!

Ben: Get in position. Move! Get down!

Gangster 22: There!

Eddie: Damn, ese, we wasted them all.

Kim: There's an entrance to that tunnel somewhere down here.

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