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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 12 (4 of 4)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 12 with this online demo.


Ben: Who's still alive?

Kim: Where are you?

Eddie: I have no fucking clue. Jesus Christ, that was too fucking close.

Ben: Let's just get the hell out of here.

Eddie: Ah fuck!

Kim: I can't see shit!

Gangster 1: Don't let them out of here!

Eddie: Fuck!

Ben: Kill them!

Eddie: Which way?

Kim: Maybe you should flip your coin.

Ben: This way.

Kim: Are those bullet holes?

Eddie: We can find some skeletal remains if we look a little harder. A lot of assholes probably died down here moving shit across the border. What do you think, Ben?

Ben: I think you should do less blabbing and more listening. We're right below the fort, so keep it down! Quiet!

Kim: I think this way leads to the inside courtyard.

Ben: Clear.

Mexican 1: Move it, baboso!

Mexican 2: I'm moving as fast as I can, homes. Have you seen them beauties? What if I took one? Just one. What would it hurt?

Mexican 1: Faster, man! Faster! Let's get this done!

Eddie: Someone's in there. You hear that?

Ben: You two ready? Let's do this. Get ready. Go! Police! Everybody down!

Eddie: I've got this.

Gangster 1: Cut them off! Put them down!

Kim: Try aiming!

Gangster 2: Chota! There! Yo te mataria!

Eddie: Watch out! There's more of them! Up above!

Kim: They're coming.

Gangster 2: Kill them!

Eddie: Right! How much do you think all this shit is worth?

Ben: And I saw a pale horse... I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour... They're going to stand their ground.

Eddie: Keep your head down!

Kim: Ahead!

Eddie: Leave some for us!

Gangster 3: It's like shooting a bitch in a barrel!

Kim: Find some cover! Left!

Eddie: Find some cover!

Ben: Everybody charge up!

Gangster 4: This is it for you! Kill them fuckers! Chota!

Kim: Clear!

Eddie: Behind!

Gangster 5: Come on out, bitch!

Kim: Keep your head down!

Gangster 6: Cut around right!

Ben: And I saw a pale horse and he who sits upon it, and his name is death, and he has a bullet with your fucking name on it!

Gangster 7: Shoot them! Hijo de puta!

Eddie: Find some cover!

Gangster 8: Watch out, man! Cut around right, cavron!

Gangster 9: Come on out, bitch! Shoot them!

Ben: Time to take them out!

Eddie: You see anybody else? Oh shit!

Kim: What now?

Ben: Now we make all this disappear.

Eddie Duke and Mendoza will both be fucking furious, man!

Ben: That's the idea. Put them at each other's throat's, right? That's my mission in life, partner. Pissing off lowlife outlaw motherfuckers like those two wastes of skin.

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