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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 13 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 13 with this online demo.


Gangster 1: Hey, chocho! Show yourself!

Kim: Keep your head down!

Gangster 2: Shoot them!

Kim: Shit! Do you ever practice with that piece?

Ben: Can you see them? Over there! After him! There he is! Don't let him get away!

Eddie: Say your prayers, homie!

Gangster 3: Puta!

Gangster 4: Hit them on the left!

Gangster 5: Put them down.

Ben: And I saw a pale horse and he who sits upon it, and his name is death . . .

Kim: Watch out!

Eddie: I feel like I'm back in Iraq, man. I can't see shit.

Ben: . . . and he has a bullet with your fucking name on it. Don't lose Mendoza!

Gangster 6: Hey!

Eddie: Damn!

Ben: Everybody still breathing? Find Mendoza! Where the fuck's Mendoza?

Kim: He ran back that way!

Ben: Get after him!

Eddie: Watch out!

Kim: Ahead!

Gangster 7: Hey, chocho! Show yourself!

Kim: Right!

Gangster 8: Don't let them out of here!

Gangster 9: Cut them off!

Ben: This way! Look out!

Eddie: This ain't a good time to talk, man.

I got to go, fucker! I'm a busy man.


Kim: Hey, partner! Want to hang up on your girlfriend and give us a fucking hand here! He's got a lot of muscle around him!

Ben: It won't do him any good!

Gangster 10: Don't let them out of here!

Gangster 11: Put them down!

Eddie: Ahead!

Kim: Go, go, go!

Gangster 12: Hey, cabron!

Eddie: Find cover!

Kim: Hit them!

Gangster 13: Over there!

Eddie: Nice shot, homes!

Ben: I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh. And I will bathe in the blood of my motherfucking enemies.

Eddie: All right, drop him!

Kim: Where is he?

Eddie: Where the fuck did he go?

Ben: Find him! Before Duke's army gets here! He ran to the church! Get that son of a bitch!

Eddie: Incoming!

Ben: Get to cover!

Eddie: Leave some for us!

Gangster 14: Shoot them!

Gangster 15: Yo te mata!

Gangster 16: Cut them off!

Eddie: Try aiming!

Gangster 17: Over there!

Kim: Where the hell are you, McCall?

Gangster 18: Show yourself, cabron!

Kim: Watch out!

Gangster 19: Fuck!

Gangster 20: Say your prayers, homes.

Kim: Get down!

Gangster 21: Cut around right!

Gangster 22: Come on out, bitch!

Kim: Keep your head down!

These assholes are really pissing me off.

Eddie: He locked himself inside.

Ben: Mendoza! You want to get out of this alive, you need to come with us! Right now!

Mendoza: Fuck you!

Ben: Fine, we'll come in!

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