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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 14 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 14 with this online demo.


Ben: Fuck.

Kim: They know we're coming in. They're waiting for us.

Eddie: So let's not disappoint them.

Ben: Get ready... Move.

Gangster: Watch out.

Eddie: DEA. Everybody down.

Ben: Police.

Gangster: Hey, cabron.

Kim: Ahead.

Eddie: Leave some for us.

Kim: FBI. Stop... Did you see that?

Eddie: Oh, that pendejo is really starting to piss me off, man.

Ben: Don't let them get away.

Eddie: Go, go, go.

Ben: Over here. move it.

Kim: That was Alvarez in that car.

Eddie: I knew that puto couldn't be trusted.

Kim: Wha'ts that fucker up to?

Ben: No fucking good. That's for damn sure... You made a mistake, you son of a bitch.

Eddie: They're leaving town. Where are they going?

Ben: It doesn't matter. He's as good as dead.

Kim: We need Mendoza alive. With Duke gone, we need his testimony.

Ben: I wasn't talking about him.

Eddie: Ahead.

Kim: Behind.

Gangster: It's like shooting fish in a barrel, homes.

Kim: Left.

Eddie: Look.

Ben: Don't lose them.

Kim: Where you think you're going?

Eddie: I can't see shit.

Ben: God damn it.

Eddie: Go.

Kim: Don't lose them.

Eddie: Ahead.

Kim: A train.

Eddie: Man, this isn't our mother fucking day.

Kim: We won't make it.

Eddie: Turn... He's getting away.

Kim: He turned left. Can you see? He's driving along the tracks.

Ben: Those fucks are not getting away.

Eddie: There's no mother fucking road here.

Ben: I don't give a shit.

Eddie: Go. Don't lose him... Shit, they're shooting at us.

Eddie: Across the tracks.

Kim: He's looking for some place to hide.

Ben: Yeah, or trying to lure us into a god damn trap. Those fucks are not getting away.

Eddie: There's no mother fucking road here. It's a trap. they're everywhere... Where'd he go?

Gangster: Shoot him.

Ben: Into the building.

Eddie: He turned left. Stop. Nice try you sly mother fucker.

Kim: He ran into the building. Follow him.

Ben: Where's Alvarez?

Eddie: You know, you don't have to do this all by yourself.

Kim: Keep your head down.

Eddie: Say your prayers, homes. This is it for you.

Kim: Ahead.

Ben: Don't let him get away.

Baressi: According to our GPS tracking, you and your phone are right outside Juarez. If you can get your hands on Mendoza's PDA, that would be quite a coup. What do you say, McCall? We might learn everything we need to know.

Ben: Where's Alvarez? Can you see Alvarez?

Eddie: Ben, we need Mendoza.

Ben: I am not letting that son of a bitch slip away again.

Eddie: Fuck him, Ben.

Ben: Police. On the ground.

Kim: FBI.

Eddie: Policia.

Gangster: There, there, there.

Ben: They blocked the way.

Eddie: Asshole has a fucking army, man.

Ben: Maybe we can find a way around.

Eddie: Looks like you got this.

Gangster: Hey, muchacho.

Eddie: Ahead.

Ben: Oh, fuck. Get to cover.

Gangster: Put them down.

Eddie: Right.

Eddie: Come here.

Ben: Stop.

Eddie: DEA.

Kim: FBI.

Ben: Over there. He ran into the cantina. Watch out.

Eddie: Watch out.

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