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Call of Juarez The Cartel Walkthrough: Chapter 15 (3 of 3)

Check out this Call of Juarez: The Cartel walkthrough and beat Chapter 15 with this online demo.


Ben: Hey, amigo, see the sky? Take a good look because you got two ways to go. You either come out and talk, or we feed your fat, ugly carcass to the fucking vultures.

Juan: I give up.

Ben: Come out with your hands in the air.

Eddie: Maybe this pendejo will resist, and I'll get to shoot his ass.

Juan: I'm not resisting.

Kim: Kneel and put your hands behind your neck.

Ben: On your knees, motherfucker. This is where you start talking and tell me who you have inside the fucking justice department. You do realize if you don't talk, I have no reason to keep you alive.

Juan: You killed my son, gringo!

Ben: You want to join him?

Juan: Kill me, don't kill me. Either way, you're all fucking dead.

Ben: Everyone dies eventually, Juan. But there's good ways to die and bad ways. Like when someone shoots out your kneecaps and leaves you out in the desert to fry. Those vultures, they don't even wait for you to die before they rip out your guts and chow down on them right in front of you. Look up at the sky, Juan.

Juan: Chingada madre!

Ben: Get to cover! Fuck! Get the hell out of here! Get in the building! Move or you'll motherfucking die!

Kim: What the fuck was that?

Eddie: An unmanned aerial vehicle. I saw them in Iraq.

Kim: Mendoza owns an attack drone?

Eddie: No way in hell. That's U.S. government issue.

Kim: Who then?

Ben: Dickson.

Eddie: We can't prove anything now. She's totally untouchable. Our last witness just fucking bought it.

Kim: Shit!

Ben: There's another one who should have met that end a long time ago. Alvarez, if we don't move, that asshole is going to get away, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that happen again. He's probably in the garage. Come on.

Eddie: What about the goddamn drone?

Ben: We're looking for anything to get under. Go! Jesus, fuck!

Kim: Get to cover!

Ben: Hide! Run, under the roof! Get under a roof!

Kim: Goddammit!

Ben: Get out of here, now! Get inside unless you want to die!

Eddie: Shit, we're taking fire!

Kim: I don't see where its coming from!

Ben: We've got to get inside that building, or we're all dead.

Eddie: Look out for the drone!

Ben: Run!

Gangster 1: Yo te mataria!

Eddie: I saw that.

Ben: It's not what you think.

Eddie: If we weren't watching your back, you'd be motherfucking dead! Watch out! Damn!

Ben: And I saw a pale horse, and he who... Darn it, take them out!

Gangster 2: Watch out!

Eddie: Behind!

Gangster 3: You're fucking dead!

Kim: Watch out!

Ben: I did not come to bring peace but a motherfucking sword.

Eddie: Leave some for us! What's wrong?

Kim: Right!

Eddie: Hey, you don't miss to much, eh?

Ben: Alvarez, where is he?

Eddie: DEA!

Kim: Keep your head down! Ahead! Alvarez!

Ben: Get him!

Kim: Behind! Which way?

Ben: We'll split up. That fucker is not getting away from us.

Eddie: Three doors, three of us. Time to hunt that puto down.

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