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How to Do a Chest Workout at the Gym

Learn how to do a chest workout from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys. This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. What I am going to do today is answer a question, "How do I get an awesome chest workout?" Okay cool, let us start from this; very importantly, your first exercise you choose should always be the one that you can lift the most amount of weight. That is either going to be a dumbbell press or a barbell press like this.

Our second exercise that we are going to choose is going to be something that is going to fatigue our muscles even more. You can use something even lighter and go for more reps.

Our third exercise we choose is going to be something that is more of a burn down, which is going to get to the deeper muscle fibers and really fatigue that muscle.

A very important thing here is going to be the rep range. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, we are going to choose a certain rep range to get that result. Now if it is (?) or if it is aesthetics like changing or shaping your body, 10 to 12 is always going to be that sweet spot. That is a place that I love to stay at.
So, we are going to have 12 reps of our barbell press, then we are going to go into a dumbbell press on an incline bench for 12 reps and then pushups on the floor for 12 reps or as many as you can so you burn out. You got it? Alright, let us go.

Alright guys, now the second exercise we are going to do is going to be an incline dumbbell fly. Now obviously we just had to grab this incline bench and slide it over so you will still see the bench I was using before, but this is what it is going to look like. Grab some weights that you can control. Again, grab some weights that you can control. Too heavy of a fly is going to damage your shoulder capsule and we do not want that.

I am going to lean back, extend our arms up, slow on the way out to the side, pause, and in. Squeeze and in. Remember, we are going to stop these dumbbells right over our shoulders. We are not going to bring them in towards the chest. The minute you do that your muscles release. Slow on the way out, and in, pause.
Now for the third exercise; it is going to be burn out pushups. We are going to knock these out until you cannot do them anymore.

Very important, if you get to the last exercise and you need to do 20 to 30 pushups, that means that you did not choose the right weights for your first two exercises. There is going to be a lot of trial and error, that is completely fine, but what we have to do is to really find that sweet spot in terms of the weight and rep range that targets those muscles perfectly, fatigues at 12 so by the time we get to our third exercise we are completely done. There is no reason to have to do more than 20 pushups at the very end.

Alright guys, so get out there, have a good time, be safe, and enjoy yourself.

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