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How to Do a Biceps Workout at the Gym

Learn how to do a biceps workout from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys. How you doing? This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And today what I'm going to show you guys how to do is a basic bicep workout. Alright?

So obviously these bad boys right here are beautiful vanity muscles that we all love to have but I'm going to show you how to do a quick easy workout that will definitely help them pump up. Okay?

So hat I have now is a barbell and I have some dumbbells. What we're going to do is actually go through a compound workout where we're going to use two different pieces of equipment. One, our barbell and the other our dumbbells. Okay?

So now remember, very importantly, to have big blasted biceps it's going to require a certain amount of intensity and weight, obviously right? But, the very important part is that you guys want to make sure you're lifting the right amount of weight from the beginning. So start off a little lighter, alright? And then as you get better with it, then increase but from the beginning start off lighter and safe.

This is how we are going to start it. I'm going to start off initially with our curl bar. Okay? This is just a 50 pound dumbbell bar. What I'm going to do is allow full extension down to the bottom, complete curl to the top. Slow down to the bottom, complete curl to the top. And our goal is going to be 12 reps of this. Okay?

So as soon as I finish 12 reps I'm going to drop down, I'm going to grab those dumbbells and I'm going to continue with another exercise. Let's say we hit our 12 reps. Okay? Down to the floor.

Now, I'm going to switch off into another grip which is going to be called a hammer hand. A hammer grip is going to work a different side of the bicep head. Now, we're curling straight up again, nice and slow. Now we're also going to do this for 12 reps.

Now remember guys, the most important part is that you choose the right weight. Alright? Now, if we're going to a number of 12 we want the weight to be the heaviest amount of weight that you can handle under perfect control to 12.

Alright, guys. Now I just want to stress the fact again that you need to use the right amount of weight. You you'll be doing yourself no good to use something heavier than you can possibly handle. Obviously once the weight is too heavy you're going to be using a lot of other muscles. Your shoulders, your back is going to become involved. We want you to choose a weight where you can isolate your biceps. Isolate your biceps. That means controlling it slow down to the bottom, controlling it all the way back up to the top, all the way up to 12 repetitions. If you can handle that without your body bouncing and weaving and trying to find something else to do, then you've chosen the right weight. Alright guys?

So remember, the right weight, slow and controlled, up, down, then we're going to switch into another handle grip with the dumbbells, that would be an awesome exercise for your biceps.

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