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How to Use a Cable Crossover Machine at the Gym

Learn how to use a cable crossover machine from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys, this is Max Tapper again for HowCast. And what I'm going to show you how to do today is use the cable crossover machine which is this right here.

Now there's many different exercises we could do on it, but I'm going to choose today to show you two. Okay? Now, the very important thing here is to make sure that the arm levels, you're going to bring them down until they match up with your own body depending on the exercise you want to do.

Now, what I'm going to show you first is going to be a cable chest press crossover. And we keep this at number six because I'm going to lean forward and it's going to put me in the right position to effectively work my chest. So then watch. So I'm going to grab these handles and step out one step forward. Okay? This is going to be the chest press on the crossover machine. Press forward, cross, squeeze your pecs. Slow on the way back out. Pause. Slow. Squeeze. Way back out. Pause. Now, this is the chest press with the cable crossover machine. Squeeze very nicely, developing the inner part of the chest muscles. Slow on the way out.

Now, what I'm going to switch into now is going to be the chest fly which means we're going to keep our arms even straighter, and we're just going to fly across and give the same squeeze again. Nice and controlled, slow on the way back out. Pause. Slow and controlled on the way in, squeeze, and back out.

Now those are two awesome exercises for developing your chest. The chest press with the crossover and the chest fly with the crossover. Awesome at developing the inner part of the chest and getting that nice definition in between. That little male cleavage that everybody's looking for - this is what's going to help you get there.

Alright, guys, so get out there, mix it in, have a good time, and be safe.

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