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How to Do a Shoulder Press at the Gym

Learn how to do a shoulder press from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys, this is Max Happer again for Howcast. What I'm going to show you guys how to do today is a basic shoulder press. All we're going to need for our shoulder press are a bench, or some seat, and then our dumbbells. Today we're going to use some 35's.

Now, our position in our shoulder press is going to be this. Back against the pad. Body straight up and erect. Nice and controlled, we're going to press towards the ceiling. Nice and slow to the top. Slow and controlled all the way down to the bottom. About 90 degrees is where you want to stop the bottom of your arm. Any lower is just going to put a little more tension on your shoulder cap, not necessary. If the weight's low then you could do it, but if it's heavy I always want you guys to stop right around here.

We're going to press up again. Our goal, again, my favorite number's always going to be 10 to 12. Let's aim for 12. Nice and slow on the way back down. Controlled. Back up into the press. Slow and controlled. Up. Back to the bottom. That is the way you do a a shoulder press.

One other tip I want to give you guys when you're doing a shoulder press is be very careful about where the weight is in space. If your hands are too close in then you're putting too much pressure on your tricep. If your hands are too far you're putting too much pressure on the shoulder cap. This weight needs to be somewhere close to over your elbow the whole way down. Remember, pay attention to that. If we're doing this I'm doing way too much work on my tricep to extend. We need to be right here over your elbow, and up. Slow and controlled.

Now, guys, get out there. Remember, be safe. Use a weight that you can handle. Anything that's going to have your body rocking back and forth to get it up is obviously too heavy. Again, have fun, get out there, be safe, and get some great results.

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