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How to Do Stability Ball Exercises at the Gym

Learn stability ball exercises from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi, guys. This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And what I'm going to do today is show you a couple of exercise ball workouts. Now this is what we call the exercise ball, also known as the stability ball. And what it does is it adds instability to any workout, making it more challenging for your core. All right? So, we can do chest presses on it. Any different exercise we do will become more difficult because of this uneven surface. So the first exercise we're going to do on this exercise ball is going to be a basic crunch, and I'm going to show you how to do it. Let's roll out a little bit, so the ball is in the small of our back, all right? Now all we're looking to do is allow ourselves to roll around the ball, then contract, up. Slow on the way down. Contract, up. All right? Now exercise like this you'll do to about twenty repetitions. Now one thing you want to pay attention to is to not use your hip flexors. So when you're coming up, you're not trying to do this. All right? You're trying to keep your legs steady, and just use your core muscles and just your abdominal muscles in this area. Nice small contraction. All right. So, the second exercise we're going to do on this medicine ball is going to be a chest press. Now I'm going to grab these dumbbells and I'm going to roll out. Now this is going to be my position in the chest press. As long as my shoulders, though, and my upper back and my neck are supported, I'm completely fine. Slow on the way down, in my press, and up. Slow on the way down again, in my press, and up. Now the third exercise we're going to go through in this series is going to be an exercise ball overhead press. So we're going to focus on our shoulders again, but we're going to be on a very unstable surface, so our bodies are going to be moving. Again that's going to be doing a lot of core work for us and it's going to be very beneficial. Let's pick these up. All right. So this is our beginning position. Slow and controlled, we're lifting over our head. One. Slow on the way down. Two. Slow on the way down. Nice and controlled. Now even as I'm doing this, I can feel my legs doing a lot of work just to stabilize myself and keep myself in the middle. And down. So, guys, exercise ball is a great way to add challenge to any exercise you want to do. Add this ball into many different workouts that you have out there, because you're going to add a little more challenge to your workout, be a lot more fun, and you'll get a lot of different results. So, remember, stability ball. It's awesome for adding more challenge to anything that you want do. Go out there, have a good time, and be safe.

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