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How to Do Medicine Ball Exercises at the Gym

Learn how to do medicine ball exercises from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys. This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And what we are going to do today is go over a couple of medicine ball exercises. I know that you guys have seen this everywhere. This is a medicine ball. This is about ten pounds and you can use this to add weight to any different exercise you want. We're going to choose a few today and go through them and let you see how it looks. Okay?

So the first one we're going to use is a Torso Twist with the medicine ball, which is a core exercise that targets every single muscle in here and your lower back. Alright? So take a look. We start off with our feet off the floor going across. One. That's one medicine ball exercise.

The second one we're going to do is another abs exercise where we're going to use this medicine ball to make our upper body heavier. Alright? So take a look. We're going to lie back on this pad, hold this over our head and we're just going to bring this up to the ceiling. Also another excellent exercise for your abdominals.

Now, the third exercise is going to be a body squat with the medicine ball. Alright? So follow me, let me show you how this works. The way we're going to start is use this medicine ball in our squat. Then as we're coming up we're going to lift it into a bicep curl, press over the top of the head, bring it back down to the chest, let it back down, squat with this weight. As we're coming up, bicep curl with it, over the head. This is what it'll look like at regular speed. Boom!

That was a body squat with a medicine ball.

Alright guys. So you can see that was a body squat with a medicine ball added to weight to my workout. Now you can use any different medicine ball that you want. These go up to maybe 30, 40 pounds. Grab any one that you're most comfortable with and do it. You can use these for almost every single exercise. You can do lunges with this. No matter what it is you can find a way to integrate a medicine ball into your workout. Alright?

So guys, spin things around. Go get a medicine ball, add a new workout, have a good time and be safe.

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