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How to Do a Circuit Training Fat Loss Gym Workout

Learn how to do a circuit training fat loss workout from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast gym workout video.


Hi guys. This is Max Tapper for HowCast. And what we're going to talk about today is how to use circuit training for fat loss. Alright? Now, if your goal is fat loss, circuit training is a awesome, awesome type of exercise to do, because you're using so many muscles at the same time. And you're going to be burning so many different calories. Now. Very important. What I consider the most important thing in creating the circuit training when your goal is fat loss is using big, big muscles. And big exercises. So you're not going to spend a lot of time doing bicep curls, and tricep curls. You're going to spend most of your times doing chest press, pushups, pullups, squats. Big, big muscles that move the most amount of weight at the same time. Alright? Now they also will burn the most amount of calories at the same time. So that's going to be one of the basic principles when it comes down to fat loss.

Now I know you hear, most of the times you're talking to professionals, that 60 percent of your heart rate maximum is where you want to be if your goal is fat loss. Well, I agree with that, but I think it's a waste of your time. If your goal is to get things going as quickly as possible, then definitely up that intensity. Your goal is to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time, then get out of the gym. Alright? So think about this. If I decide I'm going to walk ten blocks, and it's going to take me five hours, how efficient is my time? If I walk those ten blocks, a little faster, but I do it in half an hour, I've done a lot more. And I also have a lot more time for myself to do something else, outside of that day.

So remember, guys. No matter what it is, more intense is going to be better, even if it's for fat loss. And always use big, big muscles, and big, big exercises that get you to where you want to get a lot quicker. Okay? So guys, get out there. Do all those big exercises. And burn that fat. And stay safe.

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