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How to Wrap Hands Properly for Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to wrap hands properly for kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Wrapping our hands. It's very important we wrap our hands to look after our hands. Putting your hands without any wraps in the gloves and hitting a bag can be somewhat dangerous at times. You hit the bag you could roll your wrists and you end up with your arm in a cast for six or seven weeks. Not good.

So I'm just going to show you quickly how I like to wrap my hands. Everyone has their own way. One is not better than the other. Most of the time it's just the preference of the individual. For me I like to start by spreading my fingers out, I'm going to take the wrap and I'm going to spread the wrap across my knuckle area, from that point I'm going to pinch the end, and then I'm going to fold the wrap depending on how long it is, for this wrap I might wrap four times, if it's a long wrap you might end up wrapping six, seven, eight, nine times. So I'm going to fold over, three, four times. Once I've folded over I'm going to place the padded part over the knuckles, then I'm going to trap one part of it with my thumb.

Now I can place the hand wrap on the knuckles properly. I'm going to take the loose part in my mouth and then re-adjust what's on my knuckles. From this position now I can see that my knuckles are fully covered. I'm going to take the wrap now and go over the knuckle one time. From there I now come around the wrist. From there I'm going to go through my pinky, through the middle finger, and then last of all through the last one there.

From that position I want to go around my wrist, I to go all the way around, just over the top of the wrist and then come through the middle of where the thumb is. I come around the back of the wrist again, and then over the top of the wrist. From that position again I go back around the thumb, this time coming over the top of the wrist. From there I want to go straight down to the knuckles. I'm going to go just once over the knuckles. When I go over the knuckles I'm not going to pull it too tight, I'm going to make a fist. I make a fist because a fist is what I'm going to be holding 90 percent of the time. If I keep my hands open and I pull it tight, when I go to make a fist I'm going to end up having hand cramps.

So always have the fingers spread and when you come over the knuckles make that fist, make a tight fist so you know it's not too tight and your hand is not going to cramp up. Then you are going to come up in the middle again, go around the wrist, and then use what ever wrap is left and go around the wrist making sure you get good support for your wrist so it doesn't give away and end up breaking. So there I have enough padding support on my wrist, I have support on my thumb that way my thumb doesn't get jammed, and I have enough padding on my knuckles so that when I make contact I'm not hurting my knuckles.

One other rule of thumb, you don't want to have too much padding built up in the middle because if you do it's going to be extremely hard to make a fist and maintain that fist. That's why I like to go with a lot of padding on the knuckles and go from there, that way I end up with minimal amount of padding on the inside of my hand. So that's just a general rundown on how to wrap your hands. And like I said, everyone has their own way, but this is my way.

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