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How to Do a Shadowboxing Warm-Up

Learn how to do a shadowboxing warm-up from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai kickboxing training video from Howcast.


Shadow boxing. We use shadow boxing most of the time to warm ourselves up and get our limbs nice and loose. Also, we will use shadow boxing in a particular move that we are trying to practice. We'll try to implement the move in shadow boxing.

Once we've gone through the basic punch techniques, basic push, kicks, round-house kicks and knees, we want to simulate an actual fight with my own shadow. I'm going to keep my hands up. When you're throwing the punches, you're not throwing the punch with any weight behind the punches. You're just getting your arms extended. All the way out. Nice and loose and move around. Our object is to warm the body up not to fatigue and to damage the body while we're still cold. We want throw our punch combinations.

We can practice kicking the legs off a block. Punch again. Practice push kick. Practice round-house kicks. Coming back and punching again making sure even though I'm going forward and attacking, I have to imagine now that the shadow is going to attack me. Now, I need to defend. Then go straight into attack throwing all the punches and kicks that we've learned. That's shadow boxing.

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