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How to Do Shoulder Strength Endurance Exercise for Muay Thai

Learn how to do a shoulder strength endurance exercise from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Strength and endurance exercises for your shoulders.

Now, In Muay Thai our hands are up 99% of the time, or else they should be. What we occur a lot of the time is a lot of fatigue in the shoulders. A little exercise that I like to do in order to help with the fatigue in the shoulders is grab yourself a five pound weight and in your fight stance, keep your hands up nice and high and basically you are going to cover the distance of the room back and forth for three minutes. Just throw in jab and then cross. Alright? Making sure you step with the jab.

Now when you are throwing the cross you are not going to leave the leg behind because you won't be able to move forward. As you throw the right hand you are going to bring the right hand in slightly, that way when you go forward again, jab, cross, jab, cross. Okay? One more time. Step, jab, cross. Jab, cross, jab, cross. Making sure your hands come back up to your head. Your arms go out, try and turn the knuckles.

Once you get beyond two minutes or even a minute and a half, you are really going to feel your shoulders start to burn. Rather than lose good form or good techniques, bring your arms down, shake them out, pick them up again and then proceed back with the drill.

Once you have done that for three minutes you are going to keep the same bells in your hands, feet shoulder width apart, hands on the side. Now we want to come up as quickly as we can with these ones, bringing your arms up shoulder height. Okay? And coming back down again. We want to stick with this for maybe about 50, okay? Arms shoulder height and bringing them back down.

Once we have done that, the next one we are going to come in the middle, elbows in the middle, and weights in the middle. As I extend my arms up I am going to turn the weights up and then bring them back down, bringing the elbows back down. When I come back down with the elbows, I don't want to rest them on my chest. The only time I rest them on the chest is when I get to a minute and a half and the fatigue really starts to set in in the shoulders. But for the meantime when I come down I keep the elbows up.

We are going up, up, up, up, up. If I feel a burning, I come here, I rest for a second or two and then off I go again.

So there are three little exercises to help with the fatigue in the shoulders so you do not end up getting knocked out.

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