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How to Do a Pull-Up Exercise for Shoulder Fatigue

Learn how to do a pull-up exercise for shoulder fatigue from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai kickboxing training video from Howcast.


Pull ups. We like to use the pull ups to help with fatigue in the shoulders so that when we get to the clinch and we're hanging onto the neck and we're fighting with the resistance of your opponent, that your shoulders don't burn out and fatigue sooner rather than later.

So one pull up that we like to start with, okay, is the reverse grip. And you can see Joey, his hands are reversed over the bar. Now, he brings his hands close together so they touch. Now, he's going to hang his body down and as he pulls up he's going to bring his chin up to the bar. Okay? Up, and then he comes down. Okay? Up again, up, and then down again. One more, up, okay, and down again. Alright, good job. Alright? So we want to keep that for a rep of ten.

You can mix and match the grips. Okay? The next grip we're going to go for is an over grip. We're going to put our hands over the bar, we're going to touch our thumbs in the middle and then we're going to wrap our thumbs over the top of the bar. Okay? The reason why we try and keep a lot of the grips close is because of that clinched scenario. Your arms are in close so that's where you're going to be tense most and that's where you're going to fatigue the quickest, rather than with your hands up. Okay? So from this position he' going to wrap his thumbs over the top. Okay? Hang down and up he goes. Up, one, up again, two, down again, up again and three. Alright. Good job.

Alright, so those two ranges, Okay? One more range. You can bring your arm shoulder height, from that position you can go over the grip and down again. Here we go. And one, down, two up, down, three up, and time. Okay down. Alright.

So those three different pull ups that we've done, we'll doing sets of ten for each one. We'll try and keep it to the minimum, well to the maximum of five sets. Okay? So five sets of ten, reverse grip, over the grip with the thumbs. Okay? Wide. So you just, you know, mix and match. The ones that I don't feel the strongest in I'd like to maybe do an extra set of those so, you know, one exercise you might do 20 and the others you just stick with ten. Okay?

That's the pull ups that help with the fatiguing shoulders.

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