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How to Do an Ab Workout for Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to do an ab workout from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai kickboxing training video from Howcast.


Abs. So, we're going to run through a little ab routine to help you, generally, at the end of the workout. First one is, we're going to lie flat on the ground, legs extended out. If you have a medicine ball, it's good. If you don't you can use one of the tie pads. Hold the pads or the ball directly over your chest. When you get to the seated position, you're going to extend your arms up. When you come back down, you're coming back down with the arms still extended up. Shoulders do not touch the ground when you come back down.

So from here, Joe, up you come. Up. Extend the arms up. And then when we go back down, shoulders don't hit the ground. The reason why, if we keep the shoulder blades up, we still have the stomach contracted. When I go all the way down, I un-contract the stomach. So, we want to keep the stomach contracted the whole time, hence the reason, keeping the shoulders up. So again, up we come. Up. And then down again.

All right, one more when we sit up again, extend the arms all the way up. Up we come. Up, there we go. And then down one more time. So you can do that for maybe a rep of 20. Then, you could do the same thing again, another rep of 20 without the ball. Just arms straight up, now. We're going up, extend the arms all the way up and then back down again. So, you can do a rep of 20 here, a rep of 20 with the ball. You can do two or three times.Then, switch to the next one.

All right. The next one we're going to do, we're going to take the left hand. We're going to place the left hand out on the side. We're going to take the right hand. And we're going to put it behind the head. Now, what we're going to do, we want to come up, picking the shoulder blades up. We want to come up and touch the left knee in the middle, making sure that my right hand goes to the outside of my knee, So, up we come. One. Outside of the knee. Two. There we go. Up again, three. Let's try and pick the shoulder blades up a little higher. Up again, four. There we go. And then back down, Do ten each side. Rest and then maybe three sets of ten for that one.

Another one here for the lower back. We want to pick the legs up in the air, place our hands just underneath the tailbone. Now, from this position here, you want to extend your hips up and you want to try to get the soles of your feet up to the ceiling. So, from here, we're going to come up. There we go. Come down. And then up again. All right. And then down.

Now, try and not to get yourself rocking here and then coming off. We don't want the rocking. From this position, you come straight up and then come straight down. When you come down, don't just drop down. You want to control yourself coming down. Ease yourself down. You hit the mat, you come back up again. All right? Last one.

Start with the knees bent out in front. Not too close, not too far. Hands to the side. Now, we want to pick up shoulder blades nice and high. Now, remember, the higher we pick the shoulder blades up, the more we're going to contract the stomach, the more we're going to actually work on the abs. So, from this position now, I want to turn to one side touching the ankle. So if he turns to the right side, he's going to touch the ankle and he's going to return back into the middle, keeping the shoulders up.

So, we go to one side for a rep of ten. Again. Then we switch to the other side for a rep of ten. Remember, keep your shoulder blades off the ground the whole time. When that's done, we're going to go side to side for a rep of 20, now. So, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

And that's just a couple of ab exercises that at the end of your workout, you can run through those, you can run through those, you can even add in push-ups just to help condition the body a little bit more. No reason why the shins' condition and the rest of you are not conditioned. So, that's a little ab workout there.

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