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How to Practice a Knee Attack Using a Wall in Muay Thai

Learn how to practice a knee attack using a wall from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai kickboxing training video from Howcast.


Practicing multiple knees before we move to the heavy bag just to make sure we've got the rhythm and the motion. I like to use the wall. We start off, you want to place both hands close on top off the wall. That's going to simulate you having hold of someone's head.

So, hands up close. When you start off with the first knee, my right knee, I'm going to rise up on the ball of my foot, and I'm going to stay on the ball of my foot for the duration of the exercise. I rise up. I hit with the right knee. When I come down, I kick the left leg out. Now with my right foot. Again, I stay on the ball of my foot. I repeat that now with the left side. Hit with the knee, pointing the toes down, bending the leg back, kicking the right leg out, staying on the balls of my foot.

Once I've got the general motion, I want to start speeding it up now. One. Two. Three. Four. Also, when you kick the leg out, you take your hips out. When you come in with the knee, you bring your knee in. Out, in. Out, in. Out, in. Out, in. You can do that for three minutes. Rest. Another three minutes. It could turn out to be a good little workout just trying to get the rhythm. You'll feel the fatigue and the stress in your legs, which also, too, is what you want to try and build up on. That was just a quick demonstration of a little knee exercise to help you before you move on to the big bag.

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