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5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Fist Techniques

Learn five kickboxing fist techniques from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Once we've moved around a little bit in our fight stance, forward, backward and to the side, okay, we're going to go through the basic punches. Now, we start with our hands up nice and high, okay, to protect the head and we're going to start with the left jab first. So I want to extend my left hand all the way out. I want to turn the knuckles into the punch as I extend the hand. At the same time I'm going to take a small step forward with the left leg. Okay? Extend that hand all the way out. When I come back with the punch I come back with the small step.

Now I don't want to bring the step back where both legs are together because now I'm in a vulnerable position and off balance. So again, we go out with the jab, we come right back, okay, and bring the hand back to the head. Alright?

Second one, the right cross. As I extend my right hand I want my right foot, my hip and my shoulder to extend all the way out while keeping the left hand up at the side of the head, okay? So again, extend the hand all the way out, okay, and come back with the punch. Now I can put those two punches together with the step, jab, cross and then come back with the step again. Okay, one more time. Jab, cross and then back with the step. Okay? Always making sure hands stay up high, protect the head.

Last punch is the left hook. Some people will tell you when you throw the left hook not to turn the front foot, okay, as you come around. It's not right, it's not wrong. Okay? Some people have different ways of doing things. I prefer myself, as I'm going to throw the left hook, I want to turn the front foot, get the hip and the shoulder around that way I get more of my body behind the punch. So again, I want my left foot to turn, okay, and I'm going to pick the heel up. As I turn, I pick the elbow up shoulder height, punch to the middle and then I come straight back.

Now, once I've practiced the hook a few more times I can put the three punches together. Jab, cross and then hook. Okay? All three punches together. Jab, cross and hook. Now, the important part about that. Once I've thrown the cross and come back I have to make sure the back foot sits down so now I can do the hook. There's no way that I'm going to throw the cross and then the hook at the same time, now I'm off balance. Okay? So jab, cross, hook and then come right back to the middle.

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