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4 Muay Thai Kickboxing Elbow Techniques

Learn how to do four elbow techniques used in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Elbows now. So, with this one here I can use my partner's hands as something to take the impact of the elbow. So we're going to start off first with a right hook elbow. So as I'm about to do the elbow, start with my hands in the middle, and I want to pick the elbow up and turn my hand, the palm facing outwards. As I turn facing outwards, I'm going to get my whole right side around, getting the foot to come around as well. All right, from here I want to step in as well, turn, hit with the point of the elbow, okay, and then come back. Keeping the left hand up nice and high, bringing the elbow nice and high, leaving the minimal amount of space to be attacked upon. So again, hands up high, making sure you turn the right side, the foot, the hip, coming around with the shoulder, hit with the elbow, and then come back around again.

Okay, you can do exactly the same with the left elbow. This time you turn on the front foot, from here again turn the hand inside out, hit with the elbow, and then come back again. One more time, turn, hit with the elbow, and then back.

Now we have the uppercut elbow. I can uppercut with my left hand, okay, I want to bend slightly and drive off the front foot, coming up with the elbow. Now when I come up I want to almost shave my hand by the side of the head, and come up with the elbow. okay? Again. Left side, I'm going to come up, come back down. Right side same thing but now I'm going to turn off the right foot. Brushing the hand to the side of the head. Come up, and then back down again. One more time, come up, and then come back down.

Now we can go over with the elbow now. If my opponent's hands are here, okay? I want to come up, split through the middle and come right down the middle, maybe hitting the bridge of the nose or on top of the forehead, okay? So, as I come in I'll take the elbow up nice and high, rising up on the back foot, and as I come down I drive the elbow down. Okay, left side same thing. Take the elbow up, and then drive down in the middle with the elbow.

One more elbow, okay, it's the spinning back elbow. Now what I need to do is, before I throw the elbow I want to take my left leg, okay, I'm going to place my left leg across my body on the outside of my opponent's left leg. From that position now I'm going to pivot on both of my feet, turning my back towards my opponent, and at the same time coming up with the elbow, and then coming back in the middle, okay? So when you speed it up you're going to go, left leg on the outside, elbow, and then come back in the middle again. One more time, elbow on the outside, bam, and then come back in the middle with the hands up. And that's the Muay Thai elbows.

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