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5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Kicking Techniques

Learn how to do five kicking techniques used in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Now we're going to cover and go over our kicking techniques. Alright. Facing your partner, now a lot of times when you get to the actual part of using or having a partner, it's always good to have some kind of protective shin guards on and gloves and you know, if you're going to start punching each other in the head, maybe a little head gear. Alright. So, kicking techniques.

Now, when we're fighting against the opponent, we're not just directing the kicks at the midsection, okay? We want to direct the kicks at the thighs, the inside of the thighs, Okay, at the head, alright. So, if I'm going to attack the thighs, I'm going to attack with my right leg. Now as I'm going to attack with my right leg, I'm going to take my left leg, I'm going step out to the left and as I step out the left, I'm going to bring the right leg around and attack the thighs, okay? When we speed it up, it almost seems like you have a hop in the middle, okay? So, hands up, I turn, kick, and then come back in the middle. When I actually go through the motions of the kick, I'm going to keep my right hand up, my left hand up, sorry, and extend my right hand out, keeping my eyes on the opponent, Okay? So from here, I take the step out, kick, and then come back in the middle.

Now, I can go to the rear leg. When I'm going to attack the rear leg, I need to circle around, Okay, and then throw the kick to the rear leg. So, from here, I'm going to shuffle in with the left leg, hit the rear leg, and come back to my middle position again. So again, I'm going to circle around, out, hit, and then come back in the middle. When we hit the body, throw the kicks at the midsection. Again, we always want to rise up, and turn, throw the kick, come back down; left leg always, once you've got your balance, always try and throw the kick where you make the switch with a little bit of speed. You don't want to get in the habit of going too slow, because now the kick won't be there anymore. Alright? So we're going to make the switch quick, up, kick, and hen back down again, the inside of the leg. Now, with my hands up a good distance between me and my partner, I don't want to stretch to throw this kick out, because now this is going to leave me completely off balance and if he decides to step in with the right hand, Okay, I have no defense or no base to defend that right hand. So what I want to do now is I'm going to shuffle my feet in, come in right leg to the left leg, and then come in and then hit the inside of the leg. So I start with the hands up, I come in, one, two, and then come back out again. Right legs comes in with the left, Okay, left leg goes out, hits, left leg comes back, and then right leg comes back out. Now, we you speed it up, you're going to be here, in, back and then out again. Alright, one more time. In, back, and then out again, making sure keeping the hands up.

Last point is to the head-mouth. When we throw the kicks up, it may help a little bit, as you throw the kick up, you want to look down as the leg is going up. That way, it makes it a little bit more flexible, makes it easier for your leg to come up. Alright, so from this position here, I'm going to come up to the head and then back down again. One more time, from here up looking down, to the head, and then back down again. Left side, same thing, make the switch quick; up and then come back down to the middle again. Okay, so that's just some of the attacking round-house kicks in Muay Thai.

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