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5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Clinch Techniques

Learn how to do five clinch techniques used in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


The Thai Clinch. The clinch is designed so that when two people in close, you're going to basically try and manipulate and wrestle with the person's head and neck and at the same time throw the knees to the mid-section, and if possible at times to the head. With your partner, we're going to start with the hands up high. Now, when we enter into the clinch we never want to enter in, okay, square because our opponents could, you know, throw a jab across, down the middle, and the next thing you know you're on the ground. So when we go in, they call it threading the needle which means, basically, when I go in, I enter in with my left hand first okay?, establishing some kind of hold with the left hand okay? And then putting my right hand up okay, and then either throw your knees or try to come in on the inside and get in a good position.

There are a couple of positions that you don't want to be in, okay? And the most dangerous one is here with your head down. If your head is down, you really don't have much to pull your head out, okay? You're going to be taking a lot of knees in from the mid-section if you decide to close the distance to grab the waist, they can take the waist out and keep you, you know, in that position for pretty much as long as they want. Okay?

Another position you don't want to be in is if your arm is locked here, they've got you around the neck. Now your right side or left side is going to be taking a lot of knees. Alright? So, one drill that you can do to get used to, you know, keeping your head up is - hands up, we thread the needle, we come in, now with your partner you want to rise up on the balls of your feet and keep your head up, shoulders up. From that position, we just pommel, okay? Your partner comes on the inside with both hands, alright? I pommel in, and in, and then he comes in and in. Alright? So, once you've got the gist of that, you can take that and go a little bit quicker with it, but always making sure when you enter in, head up nice and high. Okay? And then try and pommel your hands in one by one, trying to get control of the head. Alright?

Now, when you come in for the head, you want to get your elbow in the middle of the chest and get your hand on the crown of their head. You don't want to be in the back of the neck because now he can bring his head back and he's not in danger anymore. Once his head comes down and you're on the crown of his head, if he tries to bring his head up bring your head up, okay?, his head's not going anywhere, alright?

Another good position in the clinch is one hand on the crown of the head and the other hand on the shoulder. That way, if he wants to try and get his left hand in okay? Whichever way he tries to get the left hand in okay?, I lock him off. If he comes in the outside, I can open him up more on the outside if he decides to come and deliver knees to the outside. From this position, it's very easy to go from here to the head okay?, which puts him in even more of a dangerous position. Okay? And that's just a basic run through of the Thai clinch.

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