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How to Fake a Muay Thai Kickboxing Attack

Learn how to fake a kickboxing attack from MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Faking a kick, punch, roundhouse kick. Okay? Now, just like boxing, they fake a lot of punches that you think that their opponent thinks is coming and then they end up throwing something else based on the reaction of the opponent. Okay? So Muay Thai is the same thing. You'll see a lot of the time they'll be bouncing on their front leg. Now, the front leg can either come out as a push kick, or it can come up as a roundhouse kick. So we're done picking their legs up the whole time, faking, okay? Your partner is going to react. As you come up, whatever he reacts with, you don't deliver the push kick. You come with maybe a roundhouse kick. Okay? Now, you may fake with a roundhouse kick. Okay?

So as you fake, you come back, you throw across, and then you can still end up throwing that same kick again. So if you fake with that leg you may not end up throwing it. You may end up throwing two, three punches and then actually throwing the kick that you actually intended to throw in the beginning that you threw the fake. Okay? So again, we can hands up, I go to fake the kick. I come in with the punch, up, and then I come up again with the kick. I can go the same side, I can go to the other side.

Now, I can fake like I going to go and throw a roundhouse kick, but I'm going to try and kick straight away. I'm going to start with the cross. Okay? And then come up with a kick. Okay? So we speed that one up a bit. We're going to go for the kick, the left roundhouse kick, up, I punch, up, come up with the kick, and then back down. Okay? So that's just a little rundown on faking in Muay Thai.

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