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5 Tactics to Counter Muay Thai Kickboxing Kicking Attacks

Learn how to do five tactics to counter kicking attacks in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Countering Against Kicking Attacks. There are two different ways to counter the kicking attacks. Alright? The first one and most common on is once I've blocked a roundhouse kick with my leg, I come down and then I return back with a kick of my own. Okay? So I'm going to defend my opponent's left roundhouse kick. Okay? I block and then from the block I come down and then come straight up with my own roundhouse. One more time. I block, come down, up, and then up with my own roundhouse kick.

Now, when I block with the left one, also come with a block. I'm not going to put the leg down in front and then switch because now it takes a little bit too much time to go through the motions. So after I block from this position here now, I'm going to shoot forward with the right foot and then go right into the kick from there. Okay? So, I'm going to block the right roundhouse kick. I block, and then up from there. Again. Block, and then up from there. Okay?

Now, the other one. If my opponent decides to throw his left roundhouse kick, if I don't have the time to block with the right leg, I can come up and I can use a front push kick or a teep (?) in order to put him off of balance now. So he comes up with that left roundhouse kick, I drop the left teep (?), puts him off of balance, now I can close the distance and now go into attack now. Again.

When you come up with that push kick, make sure you pick your knee up nice and high so when you go out, your foot ends up pretty much in the middle of the chest so you can get good movement out of your opponent. Okay? So again, he comes up with that left roundhouse. I go up and then now I can come in. When he attacks with his right roundhouse, I'm going to come up with my right leg (okay?) in the same motion again. Up. Again, up. And then extend the leg out and again now I can attack in with punches or kicks. Alright.

Now we have my opponent throws a kick up high. I may not be able to block the kick with my leg, so I'm going to take the impact. Once I've taken the impact, I come right back down and I throw my kick towards the thigh. So when you speed it up and you go up, bop, bap. Again. He comes up, bop, bap. Alright? And that is defending some of the attacking kicks.

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