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5 Facts about Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn five facts about muay Thai kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this Howcast video.


Kick boxing is the western name for Muay Thai, which is a traditional sport in Thailand. It originated from having, like the 16th, 17th century, the warriors. Once they were disarmed, on the ground, in battle, they performed the movements, the kicking, the punching, the kneeing, in order to defend themselves.

Today Muay Thai is, I would like to say one of the biggest growing sports alongside MMA, it's one of the backbones of MMA because well all the fights start in the standup position which is ninety percent Muay Thai. I myself started Muay Thai sixteen, seventeen years ago just to try and lose a bit of weight and it was the best and most realistic thing for myself in order to lose that weight.

If by any chance you're interested in actually taking part or checking Muay Thai out you should go online, find the closest gym and go check it out. It will be definitely a life changing experience if part of that experience is you wanting to get fit, it definitely is the fastest thing to lose weight.

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