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How to Do Muay Thai Kickboxing Combos

Learn how to do kickboxing combos from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Combinations with my partner now. Alright.

Using the same punches, the jab, the cross, the hook, we want to put combinations together. Again, no less than two punches, no more than four punches, and finishing with a right kick or a left kick. Now, we're going to go nice and easy. Okay? Jab, cross, hook. Jab, cross, hook. Okay, we come up for the kick. Up, come back down. Cross, hook, cross. Up for the kick. Up, come back down. Back in the middle. Jab, cross. One, two. I come up with a push kick. Up. Now I can come in, cross hook, and then out with a kick again. Up, come back down. Alright.

Always make sure, pad holder, when you call out the combinations, make sure that you're clear and loud with the combinations, and that most of all you're ready when he's ready to fire that kick. Because he's not going to pause. If you're in a fight you're not going to pause for a second before you throw the kick. After you throw the punches the kick fires in straight off the punches. So make sure that you're prepared with the pad, okay, so they can strike hard and then get back to original position again. Alright?

So again, mix the punches up. Jab, cross, hook. Okay, kick. We can come back. Cross, hook, cross. Remember, push ks. Okay. We come up, knees. Okay. Punches pow pow pow, and up. Here we go.

Now, one more thing. With the combinations it's always nice in the beginning of the training session to warm up shadow boxing. Use the shadow boxing to practice movement and practice combinations. Nice and loose, nice and light, moving around trying to keep your balance. And then when you get into hitting the pads, hitting the bag, or even sparring now your trying, you know, your body's trying to remember a little bit more on the motions that you went through while shadow boxing.

So that was just a few combinations for the pads.

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